6 May 2013 (Monday) - Jack in the Green

Over an early brekkie I had a look at my emails to see if the geocache I'd hidden had gone live. It hadn't. The reviewer had emailed me though. The cache I'd hidden wasn't straightforward. There was a puzzle to solve and the reviewer wasn't sure (didn't know) what the logic was behind my thinking. I explained; he was happy. An email came through telling me me new cache had gone live. and also others telling me that I wasn't the only one hiding caches yesterday. Both Jose and Lisa had been busy too. It would have been nice to have gone for a "first to find", but I'd just made brekkie and we had plans for the day. Fifteen minutes later with brekkie scoffed and er indoors TM" still in her pit I put Fudge's lead on him and we set off.
With four new caches too choose from we headed to the closest new one. We were soon at the location given for the cache, and after a little hunting about the log sheet was in my hand. First one to find it. Happy dance(!) The cache had gone live at 7.20am, and I'd found it forty eight minutes later.
There is great kudos for some in geocaching circles to be the first one to find a cache. I'm pleased if I get a "first to find", it's good. If the chance for one come up I'll have a go (if it doesn't put me out), but the chance doesn't really come up that often. I had a look at my geo-profile; have I really been "first to find" on twenty five occasions?

Home to find er indoors TM" still in her pit. Eventually she emerged and we collected "My Boy TM" and his entourage. Admittedly we were delayed by a road traffic accident on the way, but I am getting just a little bit sick of always being later than planned. We arrived in Hastings just to see the very end of the Jack in the Green procession disappear.
Being at the seaside we had an ice cream and met up with Simon and Corinne which was good. Living fifty miles apart I never get to see them as often as I'd like. But we had a good chat and catch up as we strolled the prom. There were tens of thousands of motorbikes in Hastings today, and lots of stalls catering to them. I bought myself a new leather waistcoat. I probably spent far too much money on it, but I'm also sick of this new world order of austerity.
Whilst looking round the bikes I met "Fatley's little Bruvver". We were mates together in the Boys Brigade thirty something years ago - it was good to catch up. And as I strolled back up the prom I was shouted at from a beer garden - an ex-cub had recognised me.

We had chips outside the chip shop. Four sausages, four portions of chips, two tins of pop, twenty three quid (!) Having said our goodbyes to Simon and Corinne we made our way back to the car. Via the FILO for a crafty pint of the pale ale in the hope that Kev would be in there. He wasn't. We came home via my mummy's house for a flying visit.
Home, and after a quick cuppa we took Fudge for a walk. We'd found some woods near Hamstreet we wanted to investigate. Having been really well behaved yesterday we let him off the lead and didn't see him for over half an hour. We eventually tracked him down in some private woods (over a barbed wire fence) over three fields away. He was desperately excavating his way into a rabbit hole...

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