28 May 2013 (Tuesday) - This n That

Whilst fusing Furry Face this morning I noticed that his fur is looking rather grey around his muzzle. He's a little young to be going grey. Over a spot of brekkie I started on this week's psychology lectures. Today we were doing... well, on reflection I don't really know what we were doing. there was a lot of talk about natural selection and selective breeding of dogs. There was talk of eugenics and historical attempts at selective breeding of humans. The speaker touched on studies involving identical and fraternal twins. But I have no idea what point he was trying to make out of it all.

And so to work. After the glorious weather of the last few days today was wet. As I walked to my car another car sped through a puddle and I got wet. Only splashed, but it was enough to wind me up for the day.
With a few minutes to spare I did a spot of shopping. First in the pet shop to get a bulk load of dog food. I wonder if he might prefer the packet stuff rather than the tinned? And then I went into the cheapo bargains shop. This morning the door was open and there were no surly staff guarding the entrance. I bought a packet of Poppets to fuel me through the day and then set off to work. Which was the same as ever.

Being Tuesday I would like to have been at the gathering of the clans, but a 10pm finish made that somewhat impractical. So instead I came home and slept through all sorts of stuff on the telly...

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