12 May 2013 (Sunday) - Still Dull

Over brekkie I watched the last episode of "Bob Servant - Independent" which I'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box a while ago. The reviews had been good, and it was rather watch-able I suppose. But it wasn't the best show I've ever seen. I don't think I'll bother with the re-runs. As I watched it I had a snoring small dog sprawled out on my lap. He wasn't impressed with Bob Servant either.

I then had a quick look on line to see if I could find a geocache on my way to work. There was one at Boughton Aluph church (hidden by my beloved as a matter of fact). It was a multi-cache in that the clue took me to a notice board where I had to get the vicar's phone number and then do some sums with that phone number to get the longitude and latitude for the cache. Being a lazy beggar I looked up the vicar's number on the internet and set NeonGeo to take me straight to the cache.
As I parked the car I could see the obvious target a hundred yards away - a huge tree. As I got closer my sat-nav angled me away from the tree into a random hedge. After some fannying about I decided I was in the wrong place. I had checked my sums at home several times so the obvious problem was that I had probably had got the vicar's phone number wrong. I went to the notice board and recalculated. No - I had the number and my sums right. So I tried again and giving up with sat-nav and looking for where I would hide the cache I eventually found it some fifteen metres away from where my phone was telling me.
Do I dare tell the cache owner (!)

I must admit to having had a snigger about the vicar in question at this church. Look him up for yourself in Google - he really is the Reverend Ravi Holy. He either didn't think it through or he thinks it is a great joke. With the ease of deed polls no one would choose to be the Reverend Ravioli would they?

There was another cache I might have picked up on the way to work, but I had spent rather longer than I had intended at Boughton Aluph so I went straight to work. As I drove I listened to the church service on the radio as I do when working on a Sunday. Today's service was odd; it was broadcast from a cathedral in Oxford and was celebrating two hundred years of Grimm's fairy stories. This struck me as a rather strange thing for a cathedral to be celebrating; especially as the actual anniversary was some months ago. But it was an Anglican service and it's been my experience that they will witter on about absolutely anything in order to sound popular and to curry favour with the masses. That's why I'm leaning more and more to Catholicism. They stick to what they beleive; no matter how unpopular they feel their beleifs might be.

As I drove I also looked longingly at the weather. It was a beautiful morning. Had I not been working this weekend I'd had the offer of a weekend's camping at Dover with the county's geocachers. Much as it looked like a good idea as I was driving in my warm car at 8am, it had been rather nippy whilst I'd been rooting round the church a few minutes previously. And reading the comments on social media it seemed that the campers had experienced hail and sleet yesterday. I think I shall stick with my general prejudice of never going camping before the end of May - it's always too cold. And as the day wore on so the rain came down as well.

I had a phone call during the morning. Regular readers of this drivel may recall that the er indoors TM"-mobile west belly-up during the week. Having shelled out good money to get the thing fixed, neither of us were especially impressed when it died again today. It's going at the moment, but it remains to be seen for how much longer.

Having done my bit at work I came home. It was somewhat frustrating to find that half an hour after I'd arrived at work a new geocache had gone live; one I'd actually driven past on my way in to work this morning. Had the reviewer got out of bed just a little earlier I might have had a First to Find.
It was even more frustrating to find that this cache remained unfound for most of the day; only being found just as I was about to leave work.

And so home where we watched yesterday's episode of "Doctor Who". Last week I was rather disparaging about the show. This most recent episode was actually rather good. I like the latest cyber-redesign and the new cybermats we good too. A plot might have been good, but the episode worked without one...

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