29 May 2013 (Wednesday) - 2000

I had a reasonable night's sleep I suppose, and seeing that the weather was good I got some washing into the machine. Lisa arrived and I forgot all about the washing.
We went out to play geocache and I got my two thousandth find. Not bad in just under ten months. Mind you we completely failed on one that went live a day or so ago. To qualify for a find we had to spot a trig point near Ham Street. We had the co-ordinates of the trig point, but we couldn't find it. After twenty minutes searching we wondered if we had the instructions wrong so we gave up, collected her mum and Cassie and drove off to pick up a few caches as drive-bys. As we pootled about so the weather deteriorated, and as we came home so the heavens opened.

Shortly after coming home we checked out our geo-stuff-up on line and found that we had ben in the right place after all, but that the trig point was under thick stinging nettles. Woops (!) I spent a few minutes terrorising the dog, and then got a bucket of beer on the go in readiness for Brighton Kite Festival. It's still a little way off, but preparation is everything.
And with little else going on I watched more psychology lectures. Today we covered Pavlov's dogs in which Pavlov demonstrated how dogs learn. Conditioned reflexes are great - there's a good video of the concept here Give it a go - it'll raise a smile. Basically the theory is what I did with "Furry Face TM" and the whistle. Whenever I give Fudge a treat I blow a whistle. Whenever he hears the whistle he expects a treat and comes to find me. I say "whenever" - I blow the whistle when I give him a treat about ninety percent of the time. He comes when he hears the whistle about fifty per cent of the time. But it's a good theory.

The phone rang - it was Tina Poole from National Moneysavers asking if I would do a three minute survey for her. I was a bit bored so I agreed. I made out that I had everything she was selling and didn't want to change. After three minutes she thanked me and said that some Argos vouchers would be in the post. I wonder if they will be. We shall see.

And just as I'd had my evening's ablutions and settled down for the evening so the rain stopped. We could have gone looking under the stinging nettles near Ham Street, but they will keep. Instead we had a rather good chilli and a bottle of plonk. Hic... !

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