18 May 2013 (Saturday) - Caching in Stansted

A late finish at work last night made for a rather late night. But I was wide awake at 5am. With not a lot else going on I thought I'd have my morning shave and then see if I could get back to sleep again afterwards. Shaving was easy enough but in the meantime Fudge had sneaked upstairs. Fighting him for bed space took some doing.

I eventually got up shortly before 7am. As I opened the curtains I saw Martin going up the road. I wonder what he was up to so early in the morning. I had some brekkie and took Furry Face for a walk. Up the road to Bowens Field, round the park and home again. The walk was relatively uneventful. Fudge was allowed off his lead; he came back when called, and only once tried to roll in anything disgusting.
Whilst we were out we met "Orangehead" who iis looking more and more like Ronald McDonald's mother on a daily basis. Today she was without her chunky little friend but had another associate, which was probably nice for her.

With Fudge walked we collected the team and set off to Wrotham for the monthly county geocacher's get-together. On the way we found a cache we missed when we were last in the area (6th January), bet despite this stopping off we were soon at the meet. The meet was in a pub that we'd walked past back in January. With four ales on the hand pump I was settled for the day. Mind you the pub was rather odd. On the one hand there was us; poised ready to go up hill and down dale. On the other hand was a wedding party in their best finery. None of whom were especially quiet. I pitied the poor normal people who were stuck in the middle trying for a quiet meal.
We had a rather good plate of pie and mash and met up with people who I now regard as good friends even though I've known them for less than a year. We chatted for a while, and then set off for a gentle stroll around the local woods finding caches which had been set in honour of the day. Traditional sandwich box caches, tiny magnetic ones, rather larger ones, letterbox hybrids, we miscalculated the multi, and we even did the sums based on the Wacky Races, We walked for a couple of hours and came back to the pub for another crafty half before saying goodbye to everyone.

We came home via something unusual - an Earthcache. I'd not done one of these before. It was in many ways a geology lesson. But it gave us six different types of geocaches found in one day. My record for different types so far was four in one day.
And so home. As er indoors TM" set off to watch films I settled down with my dog. He'd been left alone quite long enough today. Not that he was bothered. He slept most of the time whilst I watched "Defiance" on the SkyPlus box. And there's no denying that I slept quite a bit too...

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