22 May 2013 (Wednesday) - Monkdown

Yesterday I mentioned that I'd ricked my neck. It was still a tad painful at brekkie, but not as bad as it has been. Over that brekkie I checked out the Internet. It was much the same as it had ever been. I then put the ladder into the car, put Fudge's collar and lead on him and we set off to fetch Cassie.

Earlier in the week I'd mentioned on Facebook about the possibility of walking the Monkdown Meander; a series of nineteen geocaches about half an hour's drive away. A lot of people had already done this series, but Cassie hadn't and said she fancied a day out.

Only taking one wrong turn along the way we soon parked up at Bredhurst church and found the cache there. And then we were on to the Monkdown Meander. Bearing in mind that Chris was the cache owner of the series we had the option to "phone a friend" if we should need to. Having fallen at the first hurdle that was exactly what we did at thee first cache. But after something of a false start we saw off the rest of the walk without incident. Our GPS readings were a bit squafty at times, but that is to be expected under trees. We found all of the caches on the route,, and I picked up four trackables which was something of a personal best. A good walk with excellent company in beautiful surroundings. Can't be bad.

With the five mile walk done (pausing only briefly to nearly demolish a fence) we stopped off at a nearby playpark to find a cache attached to the play equipment (yes - I know that's against the rules) and at another one which was up a tree. Having found a total of twenty-three caches we decided to call it a day and we came home. Having had a little look at my numbers it's vaguely possible I might qualify for the three hundred finds in one calendar month challenge if I make something of a concerted effort. If I'm to do this I need to find another one hundred and sixty two caches in the next eight days. That's do-able.

I then rolled up my sleeve for the tattoo needle. It's been a while since I was last taattooed; you tend to forget how much it hurts....

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