10 May 2013 (Friday) - Into Darkness

As I scoffed my brekkie today I surfed the net and that most volatile of fluids boiled. It would seem that the police have exceeded the expectations of even their fiercest critics by cautioning a ten year old girl that marking out a chalk hopscotch grid on the pavement constitutes causing criminal damage.
Over the years I've pointed out several such instances where police officers blow trivia out of all proportion whilst ignoring far more serious issues. I can't help but feel that being a police officer is a serious business. And I also can't help but feel that anyone wanting to be a police officer probably isn't the sort of person who should have that responsibility. Perhaps we might select our police officers in the same way that we select jurors? People might get called up to do the job for a year or so. Everyone would get a go at doing the job. Perhaps this might just give more nutters a free rein, but the current system leaves a lot to be desired.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" soon arrived with Sid and we took both dogs for a walk. Today we explored and found a new picnic area near Park Farm. Amazingly some pikeys had sawn the back off of a bench. Cleanly sawn it and then sanded it too. What was that all about?

Once home I took the ingredients I'd bought yesterday and made my peanut brittle. I'm not entirely sure that it's turned out right, but once cooled I put it all into the fridge to set. I hope it worked. Time will tell - it always does. I then spent a few minutes doing more of my psychology course. It's an interesting course and the speaker is very keen and enthusiastic, but so far he has said a lot without actually saying anything.

And so to the cinema. The astro club had been invited to put on a show to entertain the punters going to see the new Star Trek film. In all honesty we did a brilliant show. Lots of telescopes to see, a solar scope with a sun to look at. The public were entertained; several showed interest in joining the club. And I met so many people that I knew who were going for an evening out - ex colleagues, people who knew me but I didn't know from Adam; even Morgan and Jose were there seeing the new Iron Man film (!)
The cinema had also asked the sci-fi club from the University if they might like to come along in Star Trek costumes. In years gone by we'd done this with a turn out of dozens. Five of them turned up. Only five. Mind you one had a rather impressive chest which (in all honesty) kept me entertained for much of the evening.

After skiving off for a few minutes for some McTea with Stevey and the Rear Admiral, we enjoyed the last of the sun. The evening did get very cold very quickly. We packed up, and I very nearly came home then. We'd been offered free tickets to the new Star Trek film, but I had an early start in the morning and I'd seen trailers for the film. In all honesty the trailers made the film look terrible and I had no interest al all in seeing the show. But I stayed - after all it was a freebie.
I was glad I stayed. The trailers were nothing like the film. The film was really good. It worked as a film on its own merits, but there was loads of continuity for the sad trekkie-types to pick up on including references to Dr Bashir and Malcolm Reed (if you paid attention). The 3-d effects worked well.
It was just a shame it finished so late as I did rather have to rush away at the end...

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