14 May 2013 (Tuesday) - Defiance

Over the last few weeks the Sy-Fy channel has been advertising it's new series "Defiance". I'd set the SkyPlus box to record this and last night I watched the double-length first episode. Admittedly I slept through the exciting battle scene, but what I saw wasn't too sad.
I watched another episode over a spot of brekkie this morning. The program shows promise, even if I am getting vibes of "Harry Potter" from one of the leading protagonists. Mind you the leading hero of the piece is a policeman (of sorts). I do hope that this doesn't end up as being yet another cop drama. There are quite enough of those on the telly already.

And so to work. On Sunday I mentioned that half an hour after I'd arrived at work a new geocache had gone live; one I'd actually driven past on my way in to work that morning. Had the reviewer got out of bed just a little earlier I might have had a First to Find. As I drove home on Sunday night it was dark so I wasn't going to mess about. But this morning I set off five minutes earlier that I needed to so I could pick this one up on my way.
It was a nice enough little cache - actually not that little really. It was in a place where I'd been contemplating putting a cache for some time. Not ten yards from the cache is a bridge under which would be a very good place to hight a higher difficulty cache. I can't use that place now. If nothing else this should prompt me to get my ass in gear and not leave things in future.

To work where I did my bit and came home again. As I drove both ways the talk was about the promised referendum as to whether Britain should stay in the European Union. Obviously having seen how well UKIP did in recent elections the Government have seen that narrow-minded jingoism is a vote winner.
I do hope that someone in a position to do so can educate the masses. A vote to leave the European Union is the thin edge of the wedge. Look at the lessons of history. If the U.K. leaves the E.U. there will be war within ten years...

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