15 May 2013 (Wednesday) - History, Ping Pong

As I scoffed my brekkie I read something on the Internet that made me think. I have often said that we don't actually have a very balanced view of history because all the first hand eye-witness evidence we have from days gone by is from people who could be bothered to write it down. And people who can be bothered to write it down will colour what they write down according to their personal prejudices. I certainly have done this over the last few years.
Mind you, without eye-witness reports we can infer from historical evidence. Over the last century TV and radio and newspapers provide a lot of the historical record. Much of it has disappeared (like a lot of Doctor Who episodes) but archaeologists are used to piercing together from the scraps that they find. But now the historical record is being edited. The BBC has decided to expunge "It Ain't Half Hot Mum" from history. It was a rather dire comedy. It was bigoted and racist. But it was very much a show of its time. The show speaks volumes about social attitudes of the time that the show was made far more than it does about the time in which the show was set. To remove it and to make it not available too future generations will not allow our children and grandchildren to get a better view of where they came from. Do we have the right to edit our history in this way?

With brekkie scoffed and some of the laundry on the line and some more in the tumble drier I took Fudge for a walk. I had a letter to post for the astro club and since the post box up the road went missing some time ago we went to the town's post office where I knew there was a post box. Whilst in town I looked for a new geocache which had gone live yesterday, My beloved had looked for it last night and had given up. I found it in a matter of seconds. Sometimes these things are glaringly obvious; sometimes they are not.

We continued our walk exploring some paths round the back of Godinton Road and followed down Chart Road, past Matalan and into the back of the park where we met "Orangehead" and her chunky little friend. We exchanged pleasantries; the chunky little commented that Fudge is well known in local dog walking circles because (apparently) he is the one which is "one dog high and two dogs long". That made me snigger.
We then saw some strange woman being dragged along by an evil animal which I can only describe as a set of snapping jaws on a lead. She hysterically screamed that we should get away from her dog because it was wild and she couldn't stop it. We went the other way where I warned other dog walkers about the vicious thing. A couple of chaps told that they'd been savaged by it previously; but that it responded favourably to being kicked in the balls. Perhaps those balls should have been removed years ago.
As we came across the park I saw that someone has installed an outdoor table tennis table in the park. That's nice. I shall get a ping-pong bat and an opponent and have a go.

And so home, where I found some geocachers in my front garden looking for the cache. They found it and after we'd chatted for a bit I made myself a cuppa and did some homework before embarking on more of my psychology course. I'm a little bit unimpressed with the course so far. Last week was a *lot* of on-line lectures that didn't actually say anything. This week there are a *lot* of lectures which are all about biology and physiology rather than psychology. And the on-line laboratory experiments that we are supposed to play with don't work because the server keeps crashing because too many students are using it.

I then got the underwear sorted and my shirts ironed. And I then got the laundry off of the line and put in into the spin drier. Whilst I'd been fiddling about the rain had started and it was quite torrential. A pain as I had plans for the late afternoon which rather depended on it not raining. So I watched more drivel which I had recorded onto the SkyPlus box whilst Fudge sat on my lap and farted continually.

By the time er indoors TM" got home the weather had chirped up quite a bit, so we went out for a walk for the evening. To Larry's Wood and then on to Challock. As the evening wore on it got rather nippy, but it was good to be out.

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