30 September 2011 (Friday) - 1900 - Not Out !!

Did you know that this is my nine hundredth blog entry here on Blogspot? And before I started blogging here I did (exactly) one thousand blog entries over on Yahoo 360 (until they shut down). So I’ve been blogging daily for 1900 days. Which is every day since 10 September 2006. That’s just over five years ago. I had no idea when I started that I would become such an avid diarist.
If anyone is that bored, you can read the history of the last five years (as I saw it) over here.

To work. I quite like the journey, even if the sun is in my eyes all the way there and all the way back home again. I think that I must have decided (albeit subconsciously) that the "short cut" actually is shorter than "the way", as my on-board auto-pilot seems to make me want to take the short cut every day. Even if the road is a tad narrow in parts.
There was a dodgy five minutes this morning when, just as I was navigating a particularly narrow stretch of lane, I met a dustbin lorry coming the other way. It wouldn't actually have been a problem *if* the dustmen hadn't filled the only passing place with wheelie-bins.
Oh, how I laughed!

This evening was astro club. We had a great turnout – over eighty people, and a lot of new members joined. After a brief AGM in which the committee was elected unanimously the evening’s speaker talked for over an hour on the moon. Informative, informal, a really good talk.
It’s rather a sobering thought that the next person to walk on the moon with probably be Chinese, and that the first person to walk on Mars is probably currently about ten years old.

And after a particularly spectacular raffle, we had a really good evening with the telescopes. Including “Dobbie” – the club’s new Dobsonian scope.
I really need to get my telescope out again…

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