7 October 2011 (Friday) - Bored

After having spent an age mucking about with MyFitnessPal last night, I’ve managed to feed in my “adjusted” weight according to my new scales. However you look at it, since I started on the diet I’ve shifted six pounds. Can’t be bad. And I’ve lost half an inch off my waist and hips too!
For want of anything better to do with the thing, I lashed up MyFitnessPal to broadcast my news over Twitter. I can’t pretend to be a big fan of Twitter – I need more than 140 characters to have a good rant. In any case I have more people following my antics on Google Plus than on Twitter – and that’s saying something (!)

I had a minor victory this morning – as I walked to the car, I found three pound coins laying in the gutter. For once, God smiled on me.
Work was work, and then I came home again. Such is life. We’d planned to go swimming this evening. Normally that’s good for shifting calories, but unfortunately the sports centre had run out of hot water, and so the pool was closed. And will stay closed until Monday. That was a nuisance.
Just as I got home my mobile rang. “My Boy TMhad located some fence panels (several miles away). Would I come and collect them for him? It seemed that his plan to keep his dog in his own garden had one minor flaw. The fence he’d built only went half way up the garden. Fudge would just run to the end of that fence, and then go round so’s he could fudge into next door’s garden. But now there are more fence panels, and perhaps Fudge’s fudge will be contained.
Once I’d dropped off the fence panels I spent five minutes winding Fudge up. Mind you, that dog doesn’t need much winding up – he’s rather excitable.

And then home again, only to find ‘er indoors TM  on her way out. Apparently the arky-ologee club is having a committee meeting. I wonder if they will pass any motions…?

Today was dull…

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