11 October 2011 (Tuesday) - Bleach

I must admit to having had a bit of a "dur" moment yesterday: of course I know who Javalava is. I suppose I should have been paying more attention at the time. But then, that could be said of me on a permanent basis.
I also wasn't paying attention when I booked the central heating boiler's annual service, and so had to spend a little time re-scheduling that today. Still, it's not as though there was much else going on in my life at the moment.

This morning’s news boiled my piss. The Archbishop of Glasgow is campaigning against gay marriage. There was something on the radio about it: the implication being that Scottish Catholics will be told what political parties they can vote for; based on the various parties’ stances toward gay marriage. Fortunately most of the political parties are seeing sense on the issue, and so it would seem the Archbishop isn’t going to be able to offer much of a choice when he makes his pronouncement.
I laughed out loud when the chap being interviewed (on the radio) quoted Austen Ivereigh of “Catholic Voices”. Apparently the religious types maintain that the principle of marriage is one of reproduction. That’s interesting. Do parish priests insist on fertility testing before conducting marriage services?
Why can’t the religious types be brave enough to have the courage of their convictions and say that they think that gay marriage is wrong because it says so (in several places) in their Bible. Or isn’t their faith in their Bibles what it once was…?

And then I had a bit of good news. I received a friend request through Facebook. When I first started at the Hastings Academy for Budding Geniuses in 1975 I very soon made a friend. My mate Dave liked fishing, introduced me to the Electric Light Orchestra, used the word “monotonous” more than anyone else I’ve never met, and is someone with whom I lost touch over the years. I last saw him in the mid-90s, when I ran into him in Reading. But now we’re back in touch.
Through Facebook I keep in touch with loads of old friends. Really must organise a reunion…

And then I spent a little time applying for jobs with a major international pharmaceutical firm. I probably won’t get it, but if I don’t apply, I definitely won’t get it…

This evening for our Tuesday Sci-fi session we tried some Japanese Manga – “Bleach. It’s entertaining enough, but I can’t help but feel it’s lost something during the translation into English….

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