17 October 2011 (Monday) - Assorted Ranting

I found this morning’s post mixed in with the assorted mess on the table. I wish people wouldn’t stir the morning’s post into the general household clutter.
The other day I mentioned about buying my road tax on-line. It arrived in today’s post: I was impressed with the speed, if not the cost.
And Cotton Traders had posted me their catalogue. They are being hopeful. Whilst I like Cotton Traders clothes, there is no way that I’m paying their normal prices. Everything I have of theirs comes from the bargain rail – and I must admit I begrudge paying their “bargain” price when I can get two or three of the same sort of thing from Asda or Tesco for the same price.

The other day I mentioned about applying for a job with a leading pharmaceutical company. Today they emailed me to tell me they weren’t interested. I suppose I should be grateful that they had the good grace to tell me, but as far as I am concerned I shall buy from their competitors from now on.

There was something on the radio this morning that made my piss boil. Or that is, it would have, had I been able to afford the heating costs. Last week I mentioned about rising fuel costs. The government has had high-level meetings with the energy supplying companies, and now is in a position to help the poor consumers. We can either use less power, or buy it from someone cheaper. What annoys me is that this government has the gall to claim this advice as a victory.
And what I can’t understand is how I can change from one power company to another and pay a different price when the leccie will come into my house from the same mains cable, and the gas will come into my house through the same pipe.
The radio program then went on to interview spokesmen of the power companies. All of whom were discussing oil, gas and petrol prices; clearly with no idea that fossil fuels will not last forever. Renewable power sources weren’t even to be considered. It’s now forty years since I realised how daft burning fossil fuels is; and I only do it because I have no alternative. Surely there’s mileage in going green?

Meanwhile closer to home I would seem to have some DVDs missing. If any of my loyal readers have borrowed South Park Seasons six and eight, could you let me know. Similarly if anyone’s got the DVD of the BBC’s Voyage to the Planets I’d be grateful to know: it’s a favourite of mine and I’ve replaced that DVD once already.

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