8 October 2011 (Saturday) - The Moon

I didn’t wake up until 10am this morning. That’s unheard of (!) After my morning’s ablutions I got on the new scales, and couldn’t believe my eyes. Even allowing for the new scales, in the few weeks that I’ve been monitoring my food and exercise, I’ve lost ten pounds. And because of the way this diet works (i.e. writing down what I eat), I have a sneaking feeling that this weight might stay off.
I then worked on my CV for a bit – I’ve put the thing on-line. If any of my loyal readers would care to peruse it and offer any advice, I’d be grateful. In the meantime I’ve sent off my first job application. Here’s hoping.
Mind you, every two or three years I start applying for jobs. Two and a half years ago I even got offered one. In retrospect I wish I’d taken it.

Martin called round with an anniversary pressie – the Star Trek TV game “Scene It”. It looks like fun, and we shall have to organise an evening of playing the game. Mind you, that probably won’t be until mid-November as we are fast approaching the bonfire season.

And then I looked at the garden. I’ve not mowed the lawn for a month. So we popped round to B&Q to get more strimmer line for the garden strimmer. Whilst in the area we popped into “Pets at Home”: I wanted an extending dog lead for when I walk Fudge and Sid. They had some demonstration ones tied to a board, but didn’t seem to have any actually for sale. So we came home again.
I was just about to attack the jungle I jokingly call a lawn when the phone rang: Simon and Corinne were just coming off of the motorway – they’d come over to look at a car. So all thoughts of gardening went out of the window and we all went out to lunch. The American Diner at Bybrook is always fun, and being on a diet I had the diet option: lasagne and chips only came in at 800 calories (!) And from dinner we went on to Hillside Garage to look at a second-hand car. Not just any old second-hand car, but one we’d specifically come to see, and one that had actually gone to Biddenden to be valeted. Which was a nuisance.
From there we popped round the outlet centre to look in Cotton Traders and the Works. And suitably equipped with a new jumper and some canvases we set off home. Or that is we intended to set off home. We saw the queues to get out of the place. And we saw the queues weren’t moving. It turned out that for no adequately explored reason the local police had decided to dismantle a passing car, with no thought or regard for who they might delay whilst they were at it. So we left the car and walked home.

A quick cuppa, and then off to Woodchurch. Tonight was International Observe the Moon Night, and the astro club had been planning an event for months. It was such a shame the night was 100% cloud cover, but with really good talks from Drew and Stevey, the evening was really well done. It would have been good to have been able to actually have observed the moon, and I must admit I was very disappointed with the attendance. But we had over thirty people along. At one point that would have been a massive turn-out for the astro club. I suspect a combination of meeting on a different night in a different venue was rather difficult for a lot of people, and seeing that it was complete cloud cover, a lot of people probably assumed the event wouldn’t go ahead. But it did, and I for one enjoyed it.
Same time next year – and we’ll have clear skies….

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