22 October 2011 (Saturday) - On the Beer

I must apologize to my Facebook followers. It would seem I’d got MyFitnessPal (dot com) rigged to bother Facebook every time I so much as farted. I’ve adjusted the settings so it should only update once a day (at most) now.
Ant talking of MyFtnessPal (dot com), I had the weekly weigh-in this morning. Another two pounds have gone. Whilst I'm pleased with this, if I can keep up this rate of weight loss, by the time my birthday comes (in late February) I should just be “overweight”.
Here’s a weight loss tip: you should treat the permanent sensation of feeling hungry as proof that the diet is working (!)

I then spent a little time over on LinkedIn creating a profile for myself. I don’t know if it will generate much in the way of interest from potential employers, but it never hurts to try these things.
I’ve now got this idea that I might be able to generate a little pocket money by doing some freelance journalism. After all, this blog seems to have a loyal body of readers.
I might send the Kentish Express an email and see how the land lies. There are several sites with which I can register as a freelance journalist, but they all want cash up front. And (all me cynical if you will) I’m just a bit suspicious about that.

Then to the shopping. Dull, but it needed doing. We went to FarmFoods and Lidl. They might be the shops where the “lower orders” obtain their provisions, but they have the advantage of being very cheap. We then came home and with washing up done (where does it all come from?), I tidied up the front garden. With a concreted front garden, five minutes with a broom is all that is needed.
I then mucked about with my (Chris’s) Apple i-wotsit. And after a couple of minutes fiddling around I can now add custom modules to the thing (and run them). So rather than just having a game which will keep me occupied for a couple of months, with a little judicious farting about on the NeverWinter Vault, I’ve got a game which will keep me out of mischief for years.

And then the doorbell rang: Dave had arrived. The plan was to pop up to the town for a beer or two, then home for tea and a couple more beers over a movie. We went up to the town, and came home shortly after midnight… It’s all rather vague….

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