21 October 2011 (Friday) - Back to NeverWinter

A day’s holiday. I felt I deserved one. And (after all) it was supposed to be the end of the world (again).
After a bit of brekkie I got busy in the garden. Over the summer, all sorts of bits and bobs have accumulated. Bags of discarded clothing, old coats with holes in, hub caps from cars that were sold five years ago. Loads of tat. And so a tip run was in order. For once I got to drive straight into the tip, unload a car full of rubbish, and was back home within twenty minutes.
So I went back to the garden. Lawns don’t mow themselves, you know. And then with the lawn mowed, I pruned back the jungle that was overflowing the fence from next door. The jungle looks nice enough, but it does drop leaves all over my gravelled areas.
I then came in and had a tidy-up in my room; chucked out all sorts of scraps of rubbish that had accumulated, and even mended my shredder. I bought a shredder a year or so ago to safely get shot of bank statements and stuff, and it’s been jammed for months. Not any more.

Then to the doctor’s. Having found that my cholesterol was high the other day (month), they wanted to know what my blood pressure was before prescribing any drugs. I’m not keen on the idea of taking statins, but I went to get my blood pressure checked anyway. 130/88. The nurse said the first figure was ok, but the second one was a tad high. The Internet would seem to agree with her.
I then went back to the tip. Having done a tip run earlier, I’d come home to find a bag of rubbish I’d forgotten to load into the car, and I’d generated another by tidying up. And this tip the tip was painful. It’s always the way – I can get rid of a car-full of rubbish in minutes, but two bags of rubbish take forever to shift. I queued for ten minutes just to get into the place, and when I did get into the tip I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everyone was being held up by two idiot women. Their car was full of bags of rubbish. They were systematically taking each bag in turn and emptying it over the floor, then picking up the various scraps of rubbish and making several journeys from their car to the skip to get rid of them.

I came home for a spot of dinner. Usually when I’m having a day off I treat myself to KFC – I like a three piece variety meal, and kid myself that it’s quite alright because I have it with a diet coke. But two minutes’ research showed me that my favourite KFC is good for 1269 calories. Two bits of toast and a cup of coffee fills me up just the same, and is over a thousand calories less.
And as I scoffed my toast I had my monthly look at my bank balance. I think it would be fair to say that I need an extra pay day. Just one would sort me out.

And then Chris came to visit. And brought round the old Apple i-wotsit that was surplus to his requirements. I’ve borrowed it because Chris has rigged it so’s I can play NeverWinter Nights on it. It took five minutes setting up, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon clearing out the goblins. Oh, how I’ve missed that game…

Seeing how it’s Friday, we then went swimming. It’s got so that we are recognised by the other denizens of the slow lane who now greet us when we arrive. And so I got on with the swimming. Up until now I’ve just done twenty lengths each time, not wanting to get into the vicious circle of just adding another length to what I’d done last time, and wearing myself out carrying on like that. So instead I’ve decided to swim for as close to half an hour as I can, and tonight I swan twenty-four lengths. Six hundred metres – not bad. Mind you, there was an odd smell in the deep end: rather musty, almost like stale urine. I noticed that on Wednesday too. I wonder if I should say something to the staff…?

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