27 October 2011 (Thursday) - Hunger, Woody and Euros

Here’s some bad news: no matter how hard you try to lose weight, it would seem that your body conspires against you. People who’ve lost over ten per cent of their body weight (like I will soon have) have to contend with hormonal changes which increase the appetite. Which explains why I always feel hungry. Still, I will persevere.
Meanwhile it would seem that crash helmet technology is improving in leaps and bounds thanks to research about why woodpeckers don’t get headaches. It amazes me that science has taken so long to come up with this one.

The news also had something which sounded as though it had promise. Every evening the financial bit mentions how much a Euro is worth in pounds and pence. Tonight it was worth eighty-eight pence. This came as something of a surprise, as it is *always* worth eighty-seven pence. One of the listeners had emailed in to ask why this was. And this is something I’ve always wondered myself. I was intrigued, and looked forward to the explanation.
 The answer (however) was dull: I for one was disappointed. But I did find myself asking that if the pound and the euro are demonstrably of equal value, and have been for some time, how would entering the Euro hurt the UK economy?

I did some more research on car sharing today. One website seemed to think that I drove 248 miles to work every day (and the same again coming home). Another one said it would send me a confirmatory email, and then denied all knowledge of me. There is always the bus, but for all that a monthly ticket would save me loads of cash, I wouldn’t get home until 7.30pm.

I then spent a little while preparing for tomorrow evening’s talk to the astro club. It’s been in preparation for a year, so I hope it goes down well. And then ironing whilst watching “Terra Nova” and “Star Trek”. I must love it…

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