5 October 2011 (Wednesday) - Easy Money

One of the most popular TV shows of our time is the Simpsons. Personally I can’t stand the program; at one time I actually banned it from the house. And it would seem that the program will soon be no more.
This is one news story that I simply cannot understand. The program has been running for twenty three years. It makes money hand over fist, but (according to the interview on the radio this afternoon), the more successful a TV program gets, the more it costs to make more episodes.
And despite the actors who provide the voices for the various characters having offered to take a wage cut of thirty per cent, the makers of the show don’t feel they can afford to continue making it. How on Earth does that work?

Meanwhile other people coin in money hand over fist. Lord Edward Davenport has made a fortune by providing loans to businesses that need cash in a hurry. Or that is he made a fortune offering to provide loans to businesses that needed cash in a hurry, but once he’d had their admin fees off of them, he just laughed all the way to the bank. He’s been rumbled, and he’s gone to prison now (and he isn’t actually a lord either!), but I for one can understand where is coming from. The lure of an easy buck is hard to resist.

Meanwhile, with ‘er indoors TM out flogging candles, I spent the evening home alone doing the ironing. Dull, but I can watch the telly whilst I’m doing it. Perhaps I could take in ironing – I wonder if I could get enough to give up doing my day job…

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