29 October 2011 (Saturday) - Stuff

I was up with the lark, and did the weekly weigh-in. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight this week. I now notice that when I look in mirrors I’m obviously thinner than what I was. There’s still quite a bit of blubber to shift yet, though.

After a bite of brekky I sorted the money from last night’s astro club meeting. I might not know much about astronomy, but I can count the takings, and take it to the bank.
We strolled up to town, and paid the money into the bank. I then had a nosey at the market stalls. In the past I’ve got an apple and a carrot for lunch from Asda on a daily basis. Three days’ worth from Asda comes to more than a week’s worth from the market stall. And as money is now tighter than it has ever been for me, I shall be going back to that market stall more often.

And back home again. ‘er indoors TM (and a gaggle of girlies) went off to Folkestone to get their feet chewed by fish. I fell asleep watching the film “Mission to Mars”, and then did the ironing. It’s amazing how ironing piles up when you’re not looking.
And with the ironing done I popped round to visit “My Boy TM. For a long time I’ve been hankering after a lean-to in which to put the rubbish and the recycling. He’s built one, and says he will build me one as well. He’s a good lad. Whilst he went shopping, me and Fudge went for a walk. Fudge is getting more and more excitable’ it’s been suggested that it might soon be time for Fudge to go to the vet’s for extraction of his “Flowers and Frolics”. I don’t think he’ll like that very much…

Saturday evening has been film night for many years. The tribes gather at Chris’s house and watch a couple of films. Normally I’m not a “films kind of guy”, but this evening I made an exception. And I was glad that I did. The Green Lantern was a film I’ve wanted to see for ages, and it was really good. And then after a short break was the fourth of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films. I did like it, but as the film went on, I found myself dozing off. It was getting late…

And in closing, spare a thought for Sir Jimmy Savile who died today.

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  1. As an astro buff I thought you would use the term 'Castor and Pollux' rather than 'Flowers and Frolics' :-)