10 October 2011 (Monday) - Stuff

I lashed up MyFitnessPal to Twitter over the weekend. And since I’ve done that, I’ve had some friend requests. Over on MyFitnessPal, Javalava is now my friend. She’s a bit older than me, she goes to the gym, and she suffers from diverticulitis. There would seem to be a lot of that about at the moment.
Meanwhile on Twitter Debbie Martindale is now following me. I doubt that Debbie Martindale looks anything like the fit bird in the photos, and it can only be a matter of time until she starts trying to flog me her amazing products.
Perhaps I’m getting old and cynical?

I then had a look through my letter rack. The building society would seem to have stuffed up. They’d sent me a letter saying that a direct debit mortgage payment hadn’t been made, and had sent me a new mandate to fill out and return to them. I thought the mortgage had been paid off last month, so I gave them a phone call. They told me they had no idea what had happened – they confirmed that they had stuffed up. That was a relief (!)
While I was thinking of direct debits, I cancelled the direct debit for English Heritage. I think we’ve done all the English Heritage attractions within a three light year radius, and next year we’ll join the National Trust. I bet the National Trust won’t lock me into their castles.

I had a reminder to renew my car’s road tax. I can remember blogging about traipsing up to the post office to queue with the Great Unwashed to renew my tax disc a few years ago. Tonight I renewed my road tax on line. It took less than five minutes.

And then I then spent a little while working on the nuts and bolts of this blog - it’s occurred to me that the passing visitor would have no idea of much of what I’m wittering on about. So I’ve added a “cast list” above. This is something which is still in its infancy, and I expect will grow with time as I find more people to insult…

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