16 October 2011 (Sunday) - Folkestone Warren

MyFitnessPal nearly had a fit this morning when I totted up yesterday’s calories. I was almost over my allowance for once. Normally I am well within what I should be scoffing. Not so, yesterday. The reason: the beer. Is five pints over the course of an evening really that excessive? For me, it certainly isn’t, but those five pints alone were over half the day’s allowed calorie intake. Perhaps I should moderate my input?
Still, it was Hastings Day, and the start of the bonfire season, so I think I’m allowed an occasional session.

With not much else going on around the house, I spent the morning mowing the lawn. Following last week’s herculean efforts to bring the lawn under control, this week the mowing didn’t take very long at all. I then pootled about the garden. The fish pond amazes me: last week I was on the point of giving up with the thing and filling it in: the water was just green murk, despite my best efforts. Now the water is crystal clear. I wish I knew what was going on there. And then I thought about picking the leaf litter from the gravelled areas, but my heart wasn’t in it. Because as fast as I pick it up, more will fall. It’s autumn, after all.
I came in to find  “My Boy TMranting about the price of ice cream. When he took his tribe out to the zoo yesterday afternoon, he thought he’d been charged over the odds for two ice creams and a bottle of pop. He’d been charged five quid. Which was the going rate for a burger at Battle Abbey yesterday. I suppose he had a point: the obvious answer is to take your supplies with you. Doing so is something I’ve looked down on over the years, but it’s fast becoming a necessity.

And then to Folkestone for a bit of a walk. We picked up the grand-dog (Sid) and his entourage and set off to Folkestone Warren for a bit of a wander. Sid likes the sand – he eats it – but he’s not at all keen on the sea. Which was a shame – the idea was to see if he’d have a bit of a swim. He wouldn’t. But we had a good stroll; a tad leisurely, but that’s not always a bad thing.
I kept looking at Samphire Hoe in the distance. We could easily have got that far if we had gotten a move on. So bearing in mind that the cancellation of Shadoxhurst Bonfire has left a gap in the diary in a couple of weeks’ time, I’ve made plans to go back to the Warren, and walk as far as Samphire Hoe. We’ll do that at the end of the month – if any of my loyal readers would like to come along, you’d be very welcome.
Bring a pack-up – the shop at Samphire Hoe was closed the last time I went there….

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