24 October 2011 (Monday) - This n That

I think I must have overdone it somewhat yesterday, as today I ached all over. I’m used to aching after having been tunnelling, but I naively hoped that now (what with all my recent swimming) I might be slightly fitter.
Perhaps it’s my body’s way of saying I’m too old to get up to the sort of mischief I used to get up to forty years ago. I hope not, because I’m not stopping.

My piss boiled at this morning’s news – tales of our compensation culture in which one chap got a five thousand pounds bung to keep him sweet when he fell out of bed. And another one got nearly two thousand pounds because he was too fat for the office toilet. And yet another got over three thousand pounds having strained himself carrying six tins of beans.
Perhaps I should jump on this bandwagon?

Meanwhile some long-standing plans have gone west. Or (more accurately) south. The last time there was a lunar eclipse we missed the thing. We stood out in the cold and rain, and looked up at the thick cloud. So we decided that in December we’d go out and see the eclipse that’s happening then. And with only a few weeks to go, it turns out that this eclipse won’t be visible in the UK – it’s a southern hemisphere thing this time. Oh well, all I can suggest is that loyal readers tune in on April 25, 2013 and we’ll hope for better luck then.

And so home, where “My Boy TMwas staging a rant. His new phone has arrived, and wasn’t responding to the activation code he was typing in. After a few minutes I suggested he tried the correct code (which worked wonders). He now has to wait for (up to) a day for it all to connect. He ain’t happy…

And now, just after I’ve installed a new i-wotsit, you can play Heroes of NeverWinter on Facebook. Or that is you *can* play it, but I wouldn’t. It’s rather lame…

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  1. It will be visable, it's just totality will have passed by the time it rises... should still see partial....