20 October 2011 (Thursday) - More Stuff

It’s officially winter: I had to scrape frost off of my car this morning. Oh – it was cold. The thermometer in my car said it was -1oC. Bearing in mind how glorious the rest of the day turned out to be, that was nippy.

It’s no secret that in the past I used to review pubs as a hobby. I reviewed quite a few. And so, being an accomplished reviewer I thought I’d have a go at a book. After all, Amazon invites reviews. It might be a fun thing to do.
But reviewing books- that’s a different matter to reviewing pubs. A pub review is very subjective as a pub changes from day to day. A book review – you’ve got to be objective about that. I wasn’t sure I could do the job justice, but I had a go. Please do let me know what you think of the review. And then (more importantly) get the book and tell me if I’ve done it justice.
Meanwhile over at the Medical Laboratory and Bioscience page on Facebook I see they’ve run yet another of my case study reviews as one of their featured articles. Does that make me a published author?

I then had an embarrassing five minutes at work today. As I walked into the place, a woman cheerfully said “Hello Dave”, and started chatting away with me. Which was all rather difficult as I hadn’t the faintest idea who she was. Her face was very familiar: I’m sure I know her, but I couldn’t place her at all.

A nice lady phoned from the mobile phone company: did I want to take out a second phone contract with them. No I didn’t. Did I want to upgrade to a package that included a free laptop? Yes – I wanted that a year ago, but they weren’t doing such an offer, so I got a laptop elsewhere. Did I want extra SIM cards. Why would I want extra SIM cards?
The nice lady agreed to phone back next year when my current contract ends.

I came home to spend a few minutes working on next week’s presentation to the astro club. There’s been some developments in the world of comets, and it’s as well to be up to date, because if I’m not, I can bet that some smart-alec will be.

And then it was off to Wetherspoons for the works curry night. Five pints of ale is arguably more than a dieting chap should put away, but I quite liked the ales they had on. So five pints of that (and a curry) put me over my daily calorie allowance for the first time in weeks.

And in closing, if any of my loyal readers have a small table or bedside unit about eighteen inches square that they don’t want, I’m your man….

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