9 October 2011 (Sunday) - Folkestone

We were rather later getting up than I’d hoped. But rather heavy rain overnight meant mowing the lawn wasn’t going to be a practical proposition this morning. And then Fudge (and his entourage) came to visit. Fudge caused mayhem, left fudge in the lawn, destroyed a couple of carrier bags, and then he (and his entourage) went off on their merry way.

We’d planned to go for a walk somewhere in the countryside today, but the heavy rain meant that everywhere would be wet and muddy, so we set off to Folkestone to visit the other grand-dog. Sid was fine. A bit dozy, but that’s the kind of dog he is. And once he’d finished farting we settled him in the kitchen with some doggy treats, and all went to Wetherspoons for Sunday lunch. By the time I’d had roast dinner, a pint of Pendle’s Porter and a crafty ice cream, I’d found I’d scoffed 1500 calories. Three quarters of the day’s allowance (!)
So we had a bit of a stroll to burn some of it up. First of all down the old High Street. That’s not what it once was. Back in the day they made sweets and sticks of rock down there. You could buy saucy postcards and seaside novelties. And there was even old Bob’s gaming shop. Now there’s nothing but arty-farty art galleries. The old High Street isn’t what it once was. We then walked along the harbour, and up some steps to the East Cliff before making our way back to Sid.

By now the sun had come out, and the day was quite warm, so after a quick coffee we made our way home and I had a go at the garden. First of all I attacked the lawn. Little Lacey (who’d come with Fudge this morning) had told me the lawn needed cutting. It hadn’t been done for six weeks, and it took some shifting. The lawn was very damp, but it needed doing.
And then I mucked out the fish pond filter. The pond is decidedly murky, despite the biological jollop I stuck in the filter box five weeks ago. Over the winter I need to come up with a plan for more effective pond filtration.

And talking of plans, I then spent a little while updating my diary. I heard some bad news last night – Shadoxhurst Bonfire has been cancelled. I’m really disappointed to hear this – it’s not the biggest bonfire of the year, but it’s a good evening out, there’s usually a good fun fair there, it’s just down the road. And it’s been cancelled. It turns out that Shadoxhurst Parish Council’s entire recreation committee has resigned, and they were unable to find anyone else to help. A shame they didn’t ask me (!)
This has left my bonfire season looking decidedly sparse. We missed Eastbourne’s bonfire parade last night because it clashed with International Observe the Moon night, and now with Shadoxhurst’s bonfire night having gone down the pan, I’ve only got four firework-related events on my itinerary for this year. Having said that, bearing in mind the amount of ale that I usually pour down my gullet at a bonfire night, perhaps this is for the best.

Talking of plans being thwarted, it would seem that the kite club’s Xmas bash coincides with the next lunar eclipse, so I shan’t be able to get to that evening out either…

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