26 October 2011 (Wednesday) - Tired!!

Last night on the way home from Chris’s house I nearly ran over two cyclists. Neither of whom had any lights on their bikes, and both of whom were dressed in black.

I was rather tired today – whilst I don’t think I can say I was awake all night, I certainly saw every hour. I think I had half an hour’s sleep between 4.15am and 4.45am. For no apparent reason I was alternatively running very hot and very cold. I wonder what that was all about And the noise of the rain on the windows didn’t help.
Work looked like being a dull day, but there was a sudden spot of excitement: one of my colleagues announced he’d been bitten. And sure enough, he had. The wound looked quite vicious, but we had no idea what had fanged him.

Swimming – half an hour’s breast stroke covered twenty six lengths. I’m improving. Mind you, there was a lot of splashing going on in the pool tonight. And some of the regulars weren’t there either.

And a text message – my grand-dogs have met, and seem to be getting on famously. That’s good.

I’m off to bed…

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