8 March 2015 (Sunday) - Not Walking

I had a rather vivid dream last night in which I had been charged with running the local church fete for the simple reason that I was widely known to be a close personal friend of Superman (!), and consequently could get him to put in a guest appearance. My protestations that I'd never met Superman (and that I wasn't likely to ever do so because he was a fictional character) fell on deaf ears.
Eventually I fell on the idea of dressing my father in a superman costume from eBay and suspending him from a crane. I did just that, my mother went mental, and I woke in a cold sweat.

I got up, and over brekkie watched an episode of "Dad's Army". It's a good show; it fills an otherwise dull half-hour, but being recorded in HD it takes up rather a lot of space on the SkyPlus box.
I don't understand this fascination with HD. Everything in HD looks exactly the same as it used to in "normal telly", but that which was originally produced in "normal telly" now looks bloody awful on an HD screen.
I expect it's just another ruse to part us from our money.

Off to work. My piss boiled as I listened to the radio. Those who are paid to sit on their arses and spout drivel are worried that not enough medics are being struck off the medical register for their mistakes.
Isn't it bad enough that someone (having made an honest mistake) has to live with the knowledge of what they've done wrong? Do they really need the knife stuck in too? Just who do these radio presenters think they are anyway? What happens if one of them makes a mistake? After all, whatever they say is just forgotten about five minutes later anyway.
What amazes me is that it is these same vacuous windbags who rattle on at least once a week about how under-staffed hospitals are, and how shocking it is that no-one wants to work in a hospital any more.

The morning's radio also brought the worrying news that Boho Haram (a bunch of extremist African nutters) have sworn allegiance to ISIS (a bunch of extremist Arab nutters).
Apparently the Prime Minister has now announced a crackdown on such nutters here in the UK. From what I can work out this crackdown amounts to little more than asking them not to be nutters.
Perhaps it's time to start mass deportations of all those who openly stand up and say how crap the UK is and how we should go back to the dark ages... but what do I know?

Rather than focussing on how ineffective the Government's so-called purge on the extremists is going to be, the pundits focussed instead on the fact that today is International Women's Day. And being a Sunday they interviewed a woman vicar who gave fashion advice to other women of an ecclesiastical persuasion. She said that it had been her experience that she was never taken seriously as a vicar if she dressed provocatively "with it all flopped out". As one who was once a Steward in the Methodist Church I could go along with that advice.

I got to work, and spent much of the day looking out of the window. Whilst I quite like working nights and weekends (so I get more time off during the week) I did have a little hankering to have been out with my dog and the geo-brigade today. They were off doing a series of geo-puzzles in the Sevenoaks area. Admittedly I'd done this series a little while ago, but it would have been a nice day for a walk.

With work done I came home. Just recently on Sundays I've been watching Channel 4's "Indian Summers". It started weakly and got worse. Tonight "Poldark" started on BBC1; now that seems better...

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