11 March 2015 (Wednesday) - After the Night Shift

I stopped off in Morrisons on my way to work last night. There was still no Doctor Thunder, but I got to meet the world's most miserable person. The young girl on the check-out had a serious sulk. She was so moody that it actually gave me a fit of the giggles which made her sulk even more.

I got to work; I did my bit on a surprisingly busy night. There was very little of note on the radio overnight. Between 1am and 5am Radio Four plays a (seemingly) random selection of programs from the World Service. Last night (like the night before) there seemed to be a focus on music programs for young schoolchildren. Shortly after 3am I finally gave up with the radio when some very cheery-sounding lady was singing the delights of pretending to be a dolphin. I went over to You-Tube for listening .
It was just as well I had stuff to do in the early hours other than listening to drivel.

I came home and took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. Gripped with indecision as to where to go, I let my dog lead us. He went straight to the wetland park at Bowens Field. On the way he tried to pick a fight with a dustbin lorry. He does that. He played, fought, and got jiggy with several other dogs as we walked.
There was a minor episode with a spherical pup in Viccie Park. I've never seen such a fat dog; it looked as though it was a cross between a corgi and a feather duster, and had had a bicycle pump shoved up it's jacksie and had been inflated to bursting point (and beyond). This rotund canine attempted a fight with my dog, but couldn't keep up when Fudge ran about. It's owner, who I can only describe as an economy version of Donny Osmond, seemed really upset that neither "Furry Face TM" nor I saw her lump of lard as a threat.

Once home I mowed the lawn. The first cut of the year is always a rough and ready one. I hung out laundry, and then saxed. With my dog sunbathing at the far end of the garden I thought I might get some sax practice in. But the moment I started so he ran into the house and started screaming.
After ten minutes I gave up and had a spot of lunch. For some reason the SkyPlus box has scrambled everything it had recorded over the last few days. That was a pain. Thank heavens for catch-up TV.
I downloaded last night's "Extant"; as I watched it, so "Furry Face TM" barked at the chod-bin. Ever since we've had the toilet fixed, there's been something in that area which has been bothering him.
Eventually he tired of barking at an unresponsive loo, jumped onto the sofa, and wormed his way beside me. We then just dozed together for much of the afternoon. Did I ever mention that I never wanted a dog?

I had a look on the Internet. It was alive with talk about the allegations surrounding Jeremy Clarkson. Apparently his show has been dropped by the BBC after he (supposedly) assaulted production staff.
I can't work out why he's so popular. I can't stand him when he's on the telly. I wish I could see his attraction. Everyone else raves about the chap; to me he is an opinionated bigoted bully. He goes out of his way to deliberately cause offence. And today social media was alive with fans of Clarkson trying to copy his style. However his style is to deliberately offend. Clarkson don't care who he offends. You would think that people wouldn't be deliberately nasty to their friends and family purely to emulate a TV presenter who has had his day.
I'm rather disappointed by what I've seen on-line today. I can remember telling an eight year old cub scout that he shouldn't copy the bullies; he was better than that.

I ironed some shirts, then spent a little while looking on Google for a webcam that I can attach to "Furry Face TM"'s collar. I've been toying with the idea of "Fudge-Cam" for some time. The cheaper ones on ebay come from China, but apparently Curry's have got some. I shall go have a look tomorrow...

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