2 March 2015 (Monday) - Another Busy Day

After yesterday's walk it's not surprising I slept well. I would have slept better had "Furry Face TM" not tried to force me out of my pit in the early hours.
I got up earlier than I might have, and after a spot of brekkie took my dog for a walk. We went down to Park Farm for a spot of geo-maintenance. I had every intention of visiting five of my geocaches, giving them a bit of a clean-up, replacing the logs... someone else had already done it for me. It was rather good of them to have done that.
As I walked with my dog I lost count of the amount of idiots on bicycles who nearly crashed into me. So many of them were riding on pavements and were expecting me to jump into people's gardens to get out of their way. One such chap nearly garrotted himself on my dog's lead as he flew round a corner without looking where he was going. He saw the dog lead at the last moment, swerved, and wound up embedded into a hedge.
I suppose most cyclists are riding sensibly, but more and more are riding up the middle of roads thinking they are cars, or speeding along pavements expecting pedestrians to dive out of their way. A bike has a place as a child's toy, but as a form of transport it's becoming something of a pain in the arse.

We came home via Willesborough Dykes; I settled my dog (who went straight to sleep) and I drove up to town. I paid load of astro club money into the bank; I bought the makings of five gallons of ale.
I then drove down to Kingsnorth. "My Boy TM" was having a day's fishing with his mate; I spent an hour with them waiting for something to happen. But despite the sunshine it was a cold day, and there is only so much standing around a windy lake that I can do; especially when the fish aren't biting.
Mind you I was impressed with Charlie Rolf's Lake. The last time I was there, the lake was simply a pond. People would fish as and where they could; and the banks were dodgy to say the least. A lot of time and money has been spent at the place. There are paths all round the lakes; hardstanding paths. You don't need wellies at all. There are twenty or so platforms from which you can fish. There's a fee of fifteen pounds per day for fishing; but I can think of a lot worse places to go for a day's hunting haddock.

I came home via B&Q where I got a screw with which to effect repairs to the oven. With oven fixed I had a spot of lunch whilst watching "Dad's Army", then looked at the monthly accounts. They would be a lot healthier had I not bought a new back door.
I then put a film on the telly. "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" started off as a rather amusing and entertaining film. But it went on... and on... and (with a small dog curled up on my lap) I fell asleep. I woke up just in time for the end credits. I *could* have re-played the film. I didn't bother.
After a shower I then had something of a telly-o-thon evening. Blakey expressed his hatred for Butler in "On the Buses"; Captain Kirk did his thing wiith Nomad then there were four episodes of Big Bang Theory.

Before I could get "tellied out" I set about a few geo-puzzles. I solved a dozen space-related puzzles in the Brighton area.
Now to get myself invited down for a weekend....

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