14 March 2015 (Saturday) - At Work

After yesterday's walk I had something of an early night last night and was sleeping like a log when at 3am a certain dog declared "Red Alert". I went downstairs to see what was the matter. He was pacing up and down the kitchen; I let him out. He then must have woken most of the neighbourhood with his barking.
Having woofed himself out he finally went back to his basket, curled up and went to sleep.

I went back to my pit, but didn't get back to sleep. I got up shortly before 6am and looked at the geo-map hoping it might have changed overnight. Today is "Pi Day" - if you write out the day's date wrongly you get 3-14-15 which is the start of the mathematical constant Pi. Because hunters of tupperware like these numerical oddities there is a special e-souvenir for anyone who goes out and finds a geo-puzzle today.
Having solved (and found) most (all) of the local ones, and being on a twelve hour shift meant that there weren't any of these puzzles left for me to get with my limited available time today.
I hoped someone might have put one out between Ashford and Canterbury overnight; no one had.
There are a couple of dozen puzzles I might have collected today, had I not needed to be in Canterbury for 7.30am. So that's one e-souvenir I resigned myself to not getting.

I drove to work via the petrol station. In the week I met a right misery-guts in Morrisons; this morning I met another at the petrol station. This sour-faced harridan was reading the newspaper as I tried to pay for my petrol. She didn't even look up as she announced how much I owed for the petrol. I commented that I also had some shopping I wanted to pay for. She sighed loudly and made it quite clear that turning away from the newspaper was a major inconvenience to her.
Just to stir things a little I told her that whilst her petrol was cheaper than anywhere else, her sandwiches were vastly overpriced. She didn't actually say "whatever!" but that was her implication.

I then drove to Canterbury with a van from Menzies distribution trying to drive up my bum the entire way. At no point was this van less than ten yards from the back of my car. I found their phone number (0844 742 4003) and complained. Like the sour-faced harridan in the petrol station they didn't care either.

As I drove I listened to the radio. My piss didn't entirely boil, but it did simmer somewhat. German Muslim teachers are now allowed to wear their hijabs in the classrooms. Canadian defendants aren't allowed to wear them in court. British councils are to be allowed (once more) to start their meetings with prayers.

Am I the only one who can see a problem here? We have the ability to transplant a living heart from a recently deceased person into a dying person to save their life. We can send space probes to other planets. We have built a globe-spanning computer network. And still silly religious trivia is seen to be important.

I got to work, did my thing, and came home to find my dog-cam has arrived. It's a shame the instructions are too small to be read. I need to find a magnifying glass...

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