10 March 2015 (Tuesday) - A Day Asleep

I went to Morrisons last night on the way to work. I got the limescale removing stuff. But they didn't have any Doctor Thunder. Disaster!! Instead I had to rough it with Morrisons fruit berry drink.
There's no denying that I sulked during last night's night shift. I like Doctor Thunder. Mind you the taste of Morrisons fruit berry drink brought back intensely strong memories of Boys Brigade camps from nearly forty years ago. I wonder why that should have been.

As I worked I listened to the radio. There was an interview with Margaret Hodge who is head of the Government's Public Accounts Committee who was very vocal in her demands that Rona Fairhead, (the head of the BBC Trust) should consider resigning or should be sacked because of revelations about her role at HSBC. Apparently Ms Fairchild gets paid half a million quid a year for working for HSBC and is embroiled in a scandal in which the bank supposedly helped rich people evade paying tax. She was accused of being "either incredibly naive or totally incompetent".
I have no idea of the details of the case, but it made for a very entertaining squabble in the middle of the night.

There was also an article about the "Status Quo Bias". It was notable if for no other reason that the average person doesn't really like change, and this simple statement was dragged out for half an hour.
Then there was a couple of hours of infant's school singing programs. It was at this point that I resorted to Queen's Greatest Hits on You Tube.
Some nights I quite like listening to the radio; other nights I'm grateful I have work to do which takes my mind off of the radio.

I did my bit, I was glad to see the day shift arrive; I came home. I immediately took "Furry Face TM" for our walk. As we went he tried to fight with dogs ten times his size, tried to get jiggy with dogs five times his size, and (when off the lead) made a right nuisance of himself with any poor dog still on a lead. Somehow he'd evaded my hawk-eyed surveillance, so once home it was bath time to get rid of the fox poo.
With him bathed I set about unblocking the bath plug-hole. The water's been draining somewhat slowly. The plunging made some odd sounds from th drainpipe which passes through the toilet room, and "Furry Face TM" wasn't happy about that. As I watched "Extant" so he guarded the chod-bin, periodically barking at it, and (occasionally) trying to bite it.

The trouble with night shifts is you are up all night. It can be tiring. I was in bed by 11am an despite my dog declaring "Red Alert" twice during the day I slept for five hours.
I got up to find him still guarding the lavatory; I wonder what the attraction is?

I'm off to the night shift again now...

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