18 March 2015 (Wednesday) - An Afternoon Asleep

Over brekkie I checked the Internet. Cotton Traders were still trying to sell me sub-standard walking shoes, and several Facebook friends ins far-off parts of the world were joining in with (for us) yesterday's "pretend to be Irish" day.

Yesterday with all the excitement of having a near fight I completely forgot that I was in the Park Farm area to do geo-maintenance. I'd gone there to investigate a few reportedly missing caches and came home not having done what I went there to do. So I took my dog back down there to finish the mission. Sure enough the puzzle one was missing. I've replaced it for now. If it goes again I shall have to reconsider the hide.
Interestingly as we were walking we met an elderly couple (with a very fluffy sort of dog) who warned me about the aggresive twit I'd met yesterday. As our dogs played so the elderly gentleman told me of his set-to with the twit who tried to strike my dog. As we talked, the elderly lady exclaimed "that's him" and pointed at the very same bloke with whom I'd had the altercation yesterday. This bloke was a good fifty yards away, and on seeing us he stopped and hurried back the way he'd come from.
The elderly lady and gentlemen shouted a surprising amout of abuse at this chap as he toddled off; and me and "Furry Face TM" continued home.

Our walk today was odd. It is one we do at the very least once a month, but this time we did it clockwise (normally we do it anti-clockwise). We took about half an hour less to do the walk today compared to how long we usually take. I wonder what that was all about.
We came home to find a glass still on our garden wall. It has been there since someone left it there on their way home from the pub at the weekend. I've left it long enoough; I chucked whatever was in it and ran it through the dishwasher. If I left it there any longer some hooligan would only smash it.

I sent "Furry Face TM" into the garden annd had a little sax practice, then watched this weeks's "Extant". Yesterday I whinged that the TV show "The Flash" wasn't going anywhere. Exactly the opposite is true of "Extant"; I'm going to have to re-watch the lot to remind myself of what's happened.

Being pre-night shift I took myself off to bed and lay awake for an hour or so before finally noddig off. Even with my sleeping better these days I still nod off at times when I wish I wouldn't; and so it's rather annoying not to be able to sleep when I'd actually like to do so...

I'm off to the night shift now..

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