5 March 2015 (Thursday) - World Book Day

In times gone by I was regularly awake at silly o'clock and so would be watching all sorts of series of TV dross. I'm not up early enough on a regular basis to do that any more. So this morning with no DVD boxed sets on the go, I struggled to find anything to watch.
I wound up watching Matt Hayes and his fishing programs on the Discovery-I'm-Bored channel.

Yesterday I said spring was on the way; this morning I had to scrape ice off of the car. As I drove to work I listened to the radio. The Prime Minister is causing consternation because he doesn't want to take part in live TV debates. I can't say I blame him. No current Prime Minister is going to look as good in a live debate as those who want his job.
Mind you there is talk of televised debates going ahead with an empty chair where a Prime Minister might have been sitting. That wouldn't be good for him either.

There is consternation (and rightly so) at an interview with a convicted rapist in India. This chap shows no remorse for his crimes, and says his victim is to blame. Apparently a "nice girl" would be at home when the rape took place; any woman who is within sight of a man is "gagging for it" and deserves all she gets. Furthermore she should just accept the rape and not put up any fight (!) The BBC have televised the interview and are planning to repeat it this coming Sunday. The journalist who recorded the interview was interviewed herself on this morning's radio when she said that that the rapist's words were pretty much echoed by many in India. She really felt that this was the sentiment of the masses.
To think it's only two day since I caused offence on social media by saying that most of the world is still in the dark ages.
Whilst I'm ranting, today is World Book Day. It's a yearly event organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to promote reading, publishing and copyright.
It's been incredibly well supported in schools, or so one is supposed to believe. However rather than actually being about reading books, judging by the ranting expressed on the radio this morning it would seem that the focus of the day has actually been about turning up at school dressed as one's favourite Disney character.

It's interesting that this coincides with a new system of exams for school leavers. Head teachers being interviewed on the subject feel the government's proposals are too radical; and want too much change far too soon.
Critics of these same head teachers pointed out that the average child elsewhere in the world is generally academically years ahead than their British counterparts.
Perhaps if UK schools spent a little less time dressing up and a little more time doing the three Rs...?

I got to work, did what I could (as usual), and despite the earlier frost had a much warmer saxophone practice than usual. And with work done I went on to the weekly sax lesson. Teacher made some sense of the sharps and flats.
And then home. "er indoors TM" had a cob because her new hoover was knacked. I seem to be the prime suspect purely based on circumstantial evidence (even though I've not touched the thing), and the leak in the chodbin has got worse.

If any of my loyal readers could suggest anyone who is reliable and who repairs toilets....

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