1 March 2015 (Sunday) - The Anne Boleyn Series

I slept like a log last night and woke feleing like death warmed up. My little dog spent the night on the sofa and he too looked absolutely shattered when I saw him as I got up this morning. As I pootled about my dog watched me (like a hawk) from the sofa, whilst all the time pretending to still be asleep.
I was rather miffed by something I read on social media this morning; there's been vandalism down at Dover's Western Heights. "Joe Public" is up in arms about the matter, and rightly so. But as I've said before, pretty much all of the Western Heights area has been abandoned and left to rot; the only surprise is that it's taken so long for this vandalism to happen. After all, look what happened to Corfe Castle in the past. It too was just left to rot, and the locals built a village out of the remains.

With a sizeable perecentage of the "usual suspects" out of the country, rallying the troops didn't take very long this morning, and we set off to Wrotham where we met up with our geo-buddy "Fruitcake" and her followers.
Eight of us (and two small dogs) then set off on a geo-stroll. The "Anne Boleyn" geocache series took us up hill and down dale around the North Downs. We went through some rather beautiful scenery, and found some rather friendly sheep as we went too. We passed some rather nice houses on the way; and had our picnic lunch overlooking someone's estate. It was at this point that "Furry Face TM" tried to dig up a tree.
The girls took turns supervising the dogs; it can be no surprise that my dog needed most supervision.
We even met other hunters of tupperware as we walked too.
Billed as nine miles, we measured the route as being a shade over ten; we were out and about for just over six hours.
For a hike it was ideal; for a geo-series... the hides were great, but (not wishing to be critical) in all honesty I did feel that they were rather spread out. There were twenty eight caches in the series; there was probably space for over forty along the way. And we were rather confused about one of the hints. I maintain that the opposite of clock is haddock because you can't tell the time with a haddock.
I took a few photos whilst we were out too.

Once home a certain dog was bathed. It never fails to amaze me just how much mud can stick to such a small Patagonian Tripe-Hound. With him bathed and fed he fell asleep and was snoring; totally oblivious to a visit from "My Boy TM" who immediately harangued me about how was tiring that dog too much.
He then gave me some stick about the unavailability of torches and marched out to the shed in search of the fishing umbrella he'd left there several years ago. He's going fishing tomorow; I might pop along.

My piss then boiled at a post on the astro club's Facebook page. Some woman posted "...we got down there before 7.30 and spent an hour trying to park, couldn't find anywhere so came home... what time is it best time to get there?" I showed tremendous self restaint and didn't respond. But what does she want? Admittedly half the hall's car park has been blocked off, and also the place was busy on Friday because of another meeting in the other hall. However there was an entire street full of parking spaces not one hundred yards away.
Had she been prepared to walk for thirty seconds...

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