13 March 2015 (Friday) - A Walk to Wye

I fancied a spot of geocaching with my dog this morning. When I first started hunting tupperware it was (relatively) easy to plan a walk to find a cache, Nowadays four thousand four hundred cache finds has made it somewhat trickier. The closest unfound cache to home is up a tree; I can see it, I just can't get to it. After that the next closest was just over five miles from home. So, with little else on the agenda today me and my dog set off on foot to Wye.

The route was rather straight-forward; a combination of my standard dog walks took us to the Conningbrook roundabout. From there we followed a couple of geo-trails.on to Wye. There's no denying I was expecting to have to turn back because of mud, but (unlike the last time I was there) we didn't encounter any. The ground was surprisingly dry.
I lost count of the times "Furry Face TM" got told off for rolling in fox poo. Fortunately evey single one was old and dry.
There was a near incident crossing a footbridge. You go through a gaate, then onto the footbridge. I let my dog through the gate, then I crossed. I got to the other side and looked back. He was on the other side looking at me. Despite being called, he would not cross. So I went back for him; and he scrambled away trying to crawl under the gate. He did *not* want to cross that bridge. I carried him over; as I did he was trembling in fear.

The walk to the foot of the Wye downs was relatively flat. However once at the downs there was a serious climb. I puffed a little; my dog flew up the hill. At the top we met a pair of posh old ladies who asked if we'd walked all the way from the bottom. I told them we'd walked out from Ashford. They seemed to take offence at that. Was it so hard to beleive?
From the top of the Devil's Kneading Trough we walked along the North Downs Way to our target geocache which we found straight away. We took a moment to do the secret geo-rituals, then followed the path down into Wye village. We both deserved a drink. The Barber's Arms had a bowl of water for dogs aand a pint of mild for me.
In one of life's great flukes we arrived at the railway station just as the train was pulling in. Mind you "Furry Face TM" had to be carried on to the train; he didn't want to get on. He seemed scared at first, but soon became entraced with looking out of the window.
From the train station we came home via the kebab shop. Dogs were bathed, and then we shared the kebab meat. My dog then wormed himself beside me on the sofa and snored for much of the afternoon.

I took some photos whilst we walked. It's a good walk. If any of my loyal readers fancy a stroll one weekend we can reprise the entire walk (as a prelude to a visit to the Barber's Arms) which would take about five hours, or we could just walk straight to the pub which would take about three hours...

I could have gone out pubbing tonight. I turned down an invitation reluctantly. But I have got to work tomorrow...

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