29 March 2015 (Sunday) - A Day Asleep

Last night I had to make do with the original Doctor Pepper to drink (well, the diet version) as Morrisons would seem to have stopped selling Doctor Pop. A shame really as I actually prefer the cheapo version "Doctor Pop" to the original Doctor Pepper.
I got to work and turned the radio on. When I drive to work Radio Four is usually broadcasting news. Overnight they have a wider range of programmes. Some are quite interesting; others not so.

There was very boring half an hour about why Liverpudlians like their scouse accent whilst no one else does.
There was a play set in India in the 1970s which was quite good. Mind you I can't help but wonder if it would have been quite so good had it not been after the dire scouse accent show.
Michael Buerk led a discussion on the morality of lionising Richard the Third in which some vacuous windbags wouldn't let their lack of any knowledge on the subject stop them spouting twaddle.
I actually answered some of the questions in the quiz "Brain of Britain"
Stephen Fry then presented a feature on why the clocks were going forward this evening. I would have been looking forward to this had anyone other than Stephen Fry been presenting it. I've always found him to be somewhat smug and self-obsessed in his manner; however last night he was absorbing and interesting.
And in a novel break with tradition there were no awful schools singing programmes at 3am.
You would have thought that in these days of austerity the BBC would have had better things on which to waste the licence fee.

With the night shift done I came home. Yesterday evening before work I'd posted on the Kent geo-Facebook group to ask if anyone fancied going for a walk on Tuesday. Usually when I make such posts about doing things mid-week I seem to get snowed out with people telling me that they are working. I was fully expecting this to happen again, but when I had a look over brekkie I saw that  a few people have said that they'd be up for a walk. That's good; I'm off work on Tuesday and I have somewhere in mind. It will be good to have some company whilst taking my dog for a walk.

Instead of going out on the usual Sunday walk I then went to bed. Whilst I do like the Sunday walk, bearing in mind the rain, today probably wasn't the best of days to be walking round Bewl Water. I was in bed shortly after 9am, and woke just gone 2pm. With my little dog gone on the walk the house seemed oddly empty, but I took full advantage of his absence to have half an hour on the saxophone. It went well... sort of. Whilst the tune is (I think) recognisable I don't think it's quite as technically accurate as it might be.

I'd known in advance that I would be waking to an empty house, and so I'd arranged for the most recent fruit of my loin to be feeding her old dad this evening. She'd sent a message telling me about bunk beds that needed collecting, so I drove down to Folkestone to do some removal work. We popped round to Kingsnorth Gardens, got the fragments of a bunk bed from a drugs den and took them home for her. As we drove the weather was going from bright sunshine to torrential rain and back again every five minutes. Definitely not a day to be out walking.
We watched "Fawlty Towers" DVDs, had shepherds pie for tea, and then it was time to go to work.
Another night shift...

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