3 March 2015 (Tuesday) - Politics

If it wasn't the sound of "rythmical breathing" keeping me aawake last night it was the noise of the rain against the window. The sound of heavy rain before the last day of my holiday was rather depressing.
Equally depressing was reading social media. More and more people are expounding the virtues of whatever political party because their pal, auntie, cat's mother, or neighbour's dustman is a vague acquantance of a politician (actual or prospective). The fact that these people don't actually agree with the stated policies of their professed political parties is neither here nor there. No one seems to be voting for policies; everyone is voting for their mates. Rather than running the country on the priniciple of sensible policies we seem to be having a popularity contest.
Do we learn nothing from history?

I put the lead on to "Furry Face TM" and we went for a little walk. First of all we played postman; delivering Christening invitations. We then went on to the park where I met an ex-cub's mother who was walking a dog which was the size of a horse. Mind you my dog still tried to pick a fight with him. We carried on to Singleton Lake where a certain dog played "Goose Skittles".
Once home I hoseed the mud from "Furry Face TM" and then treated myself to KFC for lunch; it is the last day of my holiday after all. I scoffed KFC whilst watching a DVD. "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" is always entertaining; even if it's nearly twenty years old.

I then geo-puzzled for an hour or so before getting into an on-line political argument with a friend of my cousin's. She wasn't advocating voting for a personal pal, she was voting for the party which was offering free fish (up-front-in-her-pocket-now).
Apparently it makes sense to vote for personal greed rather than for any form of civic virtue...

I then listened to Internet radio until the clans gathered. At that point we played ChromeCast games and then watched an episode of "The 100". We would have watched "The Flash" but the SkyPlus box would seem to have eaten those episodes we'd recorded.
I wonder what else has vanished from the thing...

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