12 March 2015 (Thursday) - Being Ignored

This morning's haul of emails brought one from one of the "Grand Old Men" of the geo-world asking if I could give a hint towards solving a geo-puzzle. I was happy to help, and (to be honest) felt a sense of acheivement. You know you've arrived when those with the highest cache counts ask you for a hint.

This morning's dog walk was round to Frog's Island. As we walked we met a young mother and her small child who were having an argument which they asked me to settle. Small child was insistent that Fudge was a chihuahua. Mother didn't know wat he was, but she was sure she (!) wasn't a chihuahua. I explained that my dog was a Patagonian Tripe-Hound. Mother wasn't having any of this rubbish and asked if I was sure. Keeping a straight face I assured her I was, and asked if she was possibly getting confused with Australian or Hungarian Tripe-hounds. Mother then nodded sagely, and they both went on their way.

Once home I settled my dog, and went for a little drive. Yesterday I mentioned that Curry's had dog-cams. I went there, and was studiously ignored by all the staff. So I went round to PC World where they too ignored me, as did the staff in the Folkestone branch of Currys.
Being in Folkestone I went on to see "Daddies Little Angel TM" and the littlun. Baby Jake has got the snuffles. Bless. "Daddies Little Angel TM" was ranting about postmen. She too has a postman who would rather put a slip through the door rather than actually deliver parcels. So we walked round to the posting office to collect the delivery ourselves. It's been some time since I last pushed a push-chair.

On the way home I thought I'd give the Folkestone branch of Currys another chance. They thought they'd ignore me again. I popped into Sainsburys to get a pot of their lunch-salad-jollop-stuff. Whilst in there I found myself in the queue behind two young ladies who worked for the UK Border Force. I could tell that from their foxy uniforms; and I could tell they were "on the other bus" from the way they were constantly touching each other.
I considered both the uniforms and the touching to have been something of a result.
And as it was on my way home I thought I'd give the Ashford branch of Currys another chance. And like their Folkestonian colleagues they too thought they'd ignore me again.
Once home I then went on to eBay and bought a dog-cam for quite a bit cheaper than the price at which Currys had them advertised. The thing might take a day or so to arrive, but eBay seem happy to take my money.

I scoffed my pot of Sainsbury's lunch-salad-jollop-stuff; it wasn't very good. And with it scoffed I did the ironing whilst watching a film. "Layer Cake" was an all-action film about violence and gangsters who were getting violent with other gangsters. The film might have benefitted from the addition of a plot, but perhaps that's just me being picky.

Being Thursday I went to sax lesson. Some lessons go better than others; today's was one of the better ones. I learned exactly how to tweak my reed (oo-er!) and Blackadder went well.
I've now got a week to get to grips with "Moon River"...

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