Friday 19 October (Friday) - Stuff

Yesterday I mentioned that I'd pulled something in my arm whilst golfing. It was the pain in that arm that woke me this morning. And a dull nagging ache continued all day; exacerbated every time I forgot myself and used my arm in the way that arms should be used. I wonder what I've done to it - if I ever find out I certainly won't do it again.
The "Treacle People" were on ten minutes earlier than usual this morning. Much as I enjoy the antics of the treacle miners in Sabden, this minor change put my entire routine out. And then the rain started. A very wet black dark drive isn't very motivating in the morning.
The morning's news was tedious; for all that I listened to it for forty minutes on my way to work, I have to admit that not a single item of so-called news actually remained in my head. I suppose it's to be applauded that the media seemed to have given the ghost of Jimmy Saville a rest. My nerves need a rest from the constant muck-raking, even if Jimmy's ghost doesn't.
As I put my sandwich into the fridge in the works rest room the national weather forecast was on the telly. I listened to the nice man wittering on about low pressure coming from the west, then went to put my jacket in the locker. As I walked back up along the corridor as I passed the rest room I saw that the regional weather forecast was on. The nice lady's predictions were completely at odds with what the same channel had been broadcasting not five minutes previously.
Whilst it would be nice for the weather forecasts to be spot on, I don't expect them to be. But I would expect that any given TV channel would be consistent in the guesswork it broadcasts.
Much of the day was spent talking about "dog-cams" - web-cams that can be attached to a dog's collar so's that you can see photos and movies from the dog's perspective. I got quite seriously into the idea of Fudge-o-Vision and Sid-Tube until I saw the prices of dog cams. Cameras billed as dog cams are extortionate. Surely we can do something cheaper?
My phone beeped. I'm no longer with the people with whom I took out a contract. I'm now part of the UK's largest 3G network. I bet I still struggle to get signal when I'm in the back of beyond looking for sandwich boxes in the undergrowth.
And so home. Via the petrol station where I treated myself to my monthly chocolate fix. I used to wolf choccie down like it was going out of fashion. I used to be nearly nineteen stones in weight. I don't really miss the choccie; and I prefer being thinner...

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