2 October 2012 (Tuesday) - Worrying

Up with the lark as always on a work day. Fudge wasn't very enthusiastic to see me today. Either he knew that our term of dog-share has ended and that he was going back home, or he knew that today was "B"-day (!) Today was his appointment at the vets to have his bits removed.
Having already charged a small fortune for frankly unnecessary vitamin shots the vet has now announced that because Fudge appeared to be uni-knackered he had to make a separate incision to have a rummage inside to see if the second goolie was inside somewhere, and went on to charge us extra for the privilege I can't say I'm impressed with the vet. This is the second visit I've paid for, and both times the cost has been double the estimate.
Mind you I still spent much of the day worrying about the pestilential pup.
Yesterday the first fruit of my loins was grumbling about toothache. He took pain killers and hoped it would get better. The pain went and he ignored the problem. Today his face was seriously swollen. He couldn't get a dental appointment anywhere. I phoned my dentist and they said they could see him within a few hours. I spent much of the day worrying about him as well. I'm reliably informed he had an abscess (we knew that!) and he's now on antibiotics and pain killers.
Much like the dog I expect...

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