24 October 2012 (Wednesday) - Walkies

A relatively late start, and then I did the monthly accounts. A spot of Christmas shopping and the car's road tax have certainly made their mark on the bank account. Still, what's money for if not to squander foolishly. I just wish I had more to squander in that reckless fashion.

To the dentist for the six-monthly check-up. Before the dentist did his bit the nurse spent five minutes going over what I eat. She could see that I was half (well... two thirds) the man I used to be, and so I think I got the thumbs-up from her. The dentist then had a rummage around inside my gob and seemed pleased with the state of it. He then gave it all a bit of a scaling and ten minutes later I came out feeling as though I had a new mouth.

Home to the pup. I put his lead on and we went out. On Monday I'd been told that one of my geocaches needed some attention so we set off to have a look. Geocaching (if done properly) entails an element of stealth, and having a dog in tow can be useful. The normal people think you're doing dog-related stuff when actually you're mucking with the caches. However there were normal people loitering by the cache I needed to get to. Rather than mucking about I thought I'd come back later. So I took Fudge on a little walk. Six miles and two hours later we came back and sorted out that geocache.
Whilst we were walking we found four other caches. I say four; it was actually three and a carrier bag. Geocaches come in all sorts of containers, but I've never seen a carrier bag used before. All the standard contents were there; the log with the official logo. All in a carrier bag. that can't be right. I've sent a message to the cache (carrier bag) owner asking them to sort it out. Whilst out we also saw a nice lady taking a cat for a walk. I commented that I'd never seen a cat taken for a walk before. The nice lady smiled at me as though I was mad, and looked at Fudge as if to ask what he was.
Whilst out Fudge did some fudge. With six miles and woodlands and parks and countless places to unload, he chose the only garden which had people sitting in it. Oh how I laughed.

We came home, and after a spot of lunch "My Boy TM" came home. He helped me with some heavy lifting that needed doing, and we talked about going to the driving range. Talked about it, but both being skint put paid to that idea. There was talk about actually trying a round of golf. I'm not sure that I'm up to that yet.

In the evening we set off delivering bargains to the masses. It took a little longer than we were hoping...

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