13 October 2012 (Saturday) - Hastings Bonfire

I wanted to be up and out of my pit by 7.30am this morning. I woke at 7.50am. I overslept !! That never happens. I had the weekly weigh-in. More weight has come off - my weight is now at thirteen stone eight pounds. My BMI is now 27.5; which is half way through the "overweight" range. Not well into the" obese" range where once it was. Since the dieting lark started a year ago I have now lost over five stones. I've probably got just over a stone to go before I can think about stopping weight loss.

The doorbell rang - Steve and Sarah had arrived, and once the Bat was in tow we set off to Maidstone. We swapped the Prius for a pick-up truck and then went on to Crayford for a fry-up. (I'm allowed a little binge from time to time). We popped into Maplins to do some early Christmas shopping, then on to Bexley to move some rocks. Relatives in Bexley didn't want the rocks; Steve did. A fair exchange is no robbery so we loaded the pick-up with assorted boulders and then drove them to Ashford where we unloaded them into Steve's garden.
How easy it is to type that compared to actually doing that.

Home, where I dozed in frint of the telly. The door burst open and "Daddies Little Angel TM" came to visit. As well as having Sid with her she also had Skinhead in tow. I'd not seen Skinhead for ages. She seemed well. We spent a few minutes on the "Cats that look like Hitler" website before they set off on their way.

We then popped round to collect "My Boy TM" and Lacey and then went down to Hastings for the bonfire parade. We met up with family and friends and had a wonderful time. The procession was excellent; the fireworks spectacular.
We are now into the bonfire season. The year is going by so fast...

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