14 October 2012 (Sunday) - Rye and Winchelsea

Over a spot of brekkie I had a look on the Internet and found one or two bonfire events taking place over the next few weeks. Hopefully I might get to some of them; I'm thinking Staplecross and Hawkhurst should be on the itinerary.

We then set off on the day's adventure. We left a little earlier than we needed to; the idea being to do a spot of geocaching on the way. We picked up Lisa and made our way to Warehorne where we did a few caches, then on to Kenardington where we did a few more. We stopped off at the toilets in Rye for a tiddle, and as we were in the area did some more caching. We eventually found ourselves at a seafood stall where I had a bowl of cockles covered in pepper and vinegar. Very tasty.

We moved on to Winchelsea where we scoffed our picnic in the garden of the New Inn. And we had a pint of their ale - it would have been rude not to. We then made our way over the road to the church where we met up with the rest of our posse. Ten of us posed for photos at Spike Milligan's grave. We felt Spike wouldn't have minded.
We then moved on to the meeting point. We'd arranged to go on a guided tour round Winchelsea; the tour focussing on the cellars of the houses. There must have been over a hundred people along, and the assembled throng was divided into three groups. We were in group "C", and our tour guide was a wonderful lady who really brought the history of Winchelsea to life. Two hours flew by.

We said our goodbyes and then made our way home. The scenic route via some more geocaches. We failed to find one which was supposedly in the politically correctly named "Dumb Woman's Lane". And as it was on the way we stopped off in Rye and did some more caches there. I've now done all the caches in Rye; which is something of a shame - I was hoping to go there over the winter and do them. Oh well, there's plenty of other places to go to.
And so home, caching all the way until my phone battery finally gave up the ghost. "er indoors TM" set off bowling; I set myself in front of the telly. I quite like doing that from time to time...

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