11 October 2012 (Thursday) - Pree

I was reliably informed that I had a restless night; apparently shouting "Stop !!! Thieves!!!" very loudly in my sleep. I can vaguely remember a dream about a three-wheeled car getting a puncture, but have no idea what else I might have been dreaming about.
I woke up still feeling rather fragile. I think I might have overdone the walking on Monday and I certainly overdid the golfing on Tuesday. A quick bit of brekkie; and I saw that the geocache that I planted last night on the way home from work had already been found. That was quick.

I then popped up to town. "My Boy TM" had a parcel to be collected and "er indoors TM" had an errand for me in the bank. Whilst in the bank there was an entertaining five minutes as someone was attempting to shove cash into the cash dispenser. When the nice bank lady asked what he was playing at, this chap loudly announced that he was trying to get change, and he didn't want to waste time queueing up.
I came home the long way - i thought I'd have a walk whilst the weather was good. Rain was forecast from mid morning onward, and after an hour's walk I got home just before the rain started. I do like my work pattern, but why does it always seem to rain on my days off and be sunny when I'm indoors?

Once home I checked my emails. Several new geocaches had gone live, but I'd already got soaked once this week so I settled in front of the telly and watched "Auf Wedhersehen Pet" DVDs for the afternoon until "My Boy TM" came round to collect his parcel. He'd been out looking at wedding venues. Apparently weddings are cheaper if they take place on a Thursday. I never knew that. One lives and learns.

And then we watched the second episode of the new series of "Red Dwarf". It's not bad - I hope we see more of Pree.....

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