25 October 2012 (Thursday) - The News

I had planned to leave a few minutes early this morning to look for a geocache that my beloved had hidden yesterday. But having wasted half an hour mucking about with the dog I didn't actually get to leave early. And hunting for those caches in the dark is just silly. So I didn't bother. For some inexplicable reason I got to work fifteen minutes earlier than I usually do. I wonder how that happened?

On the way I listened to the radio. Apparently more people are listening to radio four than ever before. I wonder if everyone else's piss boils at the news like mine does. Today it wasn't so much the news that wound me up as the people featuring in it.
I can hardly claim to be a staunch supporter of the Prime Minister, but he has a thankless lot really. This morning's news was slating him because he'd apparently made comments about some statistics that were due to be released this morning. Apparently releasing official figures ahead of when they should be released can affect the international money markets, can allow unscrupulous operators to make a fortune, is illegal, and is rather naughty too. The pundits were slating the P.M. for allegedly jumping the gun over the news that the recession is officially over.
What the P.M. actually said was a vague off the cuff comment about there being some good news. "Good news" could have referred to anything, really. And painting a bright future is what Prime Ministers are supposed to do. The poor chap can't win either way.

Mind you, other politicians get all they deserve. Apparently if you aren't sure about internet security you should just blag yourself a fake I.D. (according to Tory MP Andy Smith).
He's come in for a lot of criticism, and rightly so. Presumably the chap's never heard of on-line security, or phishing, or common sense. Or is his encouraging the use of fake aliases a tacit endorsement of cyber-bullying? (coming from someone who never uses his real name on-line!)

Meanwhile Daniel "James Bond" Craig talks sense. It would seem that there's quite a bit of product placement in the upcoming James Bond film. For anyone (like me) who was unsure about what the term "product placement" means; it's when you can see that James Bond brushes his teeth with Crelm toothpaste. Or drives a Satsuma Castanet. Or drinks "Bright'Un" from the Manky Brewery.
There are those who don't like to see this happening. One wonders if these bleeding hearts would be happy to pay upwards of a hundred quid to go to see the new Bond movie at the cinema. Making films isn't cheap, and product placement is a sign of the times. It's how film making is funded these days.

And on the way home was a program about how the legal system will deal with the so-called victims of the Jimmy Saville saga. I say "so-called victims" because the courts first have to decide who actually is a genuine possible bona-fido victim. As opposed to any random person who might have actually met Jimmy at some stage and feel they might squeeze a bob or two from the acquaintanceship. Or those who recognise a nice little earner can come from crying wolf like everyone else is doing.

You have to admire the antics of other people...

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