18 October 2012 (Thursday) - More Golf....

Oh, the rain was loud last night. The guttering about our bedroom window gets overloaded with rain from the roof and it then overflows against the window. It doesn’t do that quietly at all. For once I was having a decent bit of kip and I wasn’t much pleased to be woken.

After a swift bit of brekkie I set off to collect "My Boy TM" and together we went to the golf club. Last week we had a go on the driving range. It wasn’t as easy as it looked, and today we had another go. I did something wrong on my first swipe and pulled a muscle in my right arm. We were there for about an hour. I would like to have stayed longer, but my arm was playing up.

Home, where I put the lead on Fudge and we set off for a quick walk. I’d had reports that one of my geocaches needed some maintenance. I found it and the log inside was soaked. So I replaced it, and we then came home again. "Daddies Little Angel TM" phoned. I had been expecting to see her today, but something or other had come up. She was off to London on some errand or other. I did ask her to keep me appraised of what she was doing, but I didn't hear anything more. I can only assume she's OK.
I then did a spot of washing and ironing. I could have done something in the garden, but it was too wet and my arm was hurting too. My arm carried on hurting for much of the day, so I rested it. Fudge rested too.

The day's news was unusual. In a novel break with tradition it didn't feature the latest fleeting trivialities of today's politicians who will be forgotten tomorrow. Nor did it feature digging dirt on long-dead celebrities. Instead it was actually something worthy of mention for a change. Six years ago the New Horizons space probe set off to fly past the planet Pluto. (Pluto *IS* a planet!!). However the recent discovery of several moons around the rather small celestial body has given NASA cause for concern. Since there's quite a lot of rather large space rock thingies where there weren't expected to be many has made the boffins wonder if there's also one or two smaller space rock thingies out there too. And if there is, that might be a problem. Having New Horizons prang into a space rock thingy (of any size) at fourteen kilometres per second is going to make quite a dent in said space probe.

And talking of space related things I set off to the astro club's committee meeting. I was perhaps earlier than I might have been; no one told me we were meeting at 8pm and not at 7.30pm like the email said. But we had a good meet-up. Plans for the future, a new year's series of talks planned, Stargazing Live, all sorts of stuff planned...

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