3 October 2012 (Wednesday) - Missing the Dog...

I've been sleeping a bit better lately. I was woken this morning by the sound of the dustbin men and the realisation that I'd not put my rubbish out. Oh well - it will have to keep until next week. We came down to a house which seemed very empty. Fudge is back with his mummy and daddy on their part of the dog-share, and it's amazing how much I miss that little dog. Which is exactly why I never wanted a dog in the first place.

I did a quick on-line survey over brekkie and watched the sun come out. I had worried that today would be wet. It looked promising. The most recent fruit of my loin came to visit, and brought my other grand-dog Sid with her. He’s a stocky little thing, and just as adorable as Fudge. I left them at home and went out with Steve for a day’s searching in the undergrowth for Tupperware.
We found some geocaches, couldn’t find others, and realised some had actually gone missing. One was quite entertaining – a section of dead bark had been removed from a tree, cache concealed under the dead bark, and left to be found. In the intervening month the tree had sapped around the dead bark and incorporated it into its trunk making the cache utterly irretrievable.
It did seem odd not having a small dog in tow today.

The idea was to have gone out for the morning; we came home shortly after 5pm. I went straight out to check up on a geocache I’d hidden. On Monday I hid a geocache. Yesterday it was reported as missing. Fortunately it wasn’t, so whilst I was out I hid two more caches. Once they are accepted I shall think about hiding a bonus puzzle cache; something I’ve not done yet.

Home, where in a novel break with tradition we had KFC for tea. Once upon a time I used to eat that stuff on a weekly basis. Once upon a time I was nearly nineteen stones in weight. We haven’t had KFC for over a year. It was nice; but not really that special. I’ve not missed it.

And with my beloved out at a congregation of the honourable order of candlemongers I found myself home alone. So I settled down in front of the telly. The living room is a lonely place without Fudge about…

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