7 October 2012 (Sunday) - On The Radio

Yesterday I mentioned in passing about how easily a hobby can be marred by squabbling and disagreements. This morning as I drove to work I found that such petty bickering goes far beyond trivial pastimes
Today's news touched on the round of political party conferences which are currently ongoing. . It speaks volumes about the state of our society that the leading political figures of the time are so reticent to actually say what they feel would make for a better Britain; instead they just run down their political opponenets in mud-slinging matches.
This doesn't help the average man in the street to make an informed political decision. Who on Earth should I vote for? On the one hand there is a political party which has a traditional reputation for advocating self-interest to the detriment of everyone else around. On the other hand is a political party with a traditional reputation of stuffing things up. And in between is sheer opportunism which will demonstrably say that black is white in order to get into bed with the winner.
None of these parties seem to have any clear goals or objectives other than to win the next election by making their candidates look not quite such a bad person as the others. "Vote for me - I'm not as bad as him" was the gist of what I heard on the radio today from leading politicians of all flavours.
After the news was the religious bit. It started with an interview with someone who apparently knew the Pope when he was a mere stripling of a vicar. This someone had clearly been wheeled on so that the interviewer could try to dig the dirt on His Holiness, and said interviewer got quite worked up when the chap they were interviewing refused to say a bad word against Benedict.
And then there was a live church service. In the past I've found such live services to be quite uplifting. Today's wasn't; the featured vicar seemed to be banging a drum about the upcoming national mental health day. I suppose she has a point; the profile of mental health needs to be raised. It was a shame that she had to get on her soapbox quite so obviously. I would have quite enjoyed a few traditional hymns this morning.
As I stopped at the traffic lights in Kennington I noticed that the woman in the car behind me was talking. I assumed she was singing along to her music. She was still jabbering away ten miles later at the road junction in Chilham, and when she pulled up alongside my car at the traffic lights in Wincheap I saw that she was holding her mobile phone in her right hand and was shouting at it. She'd driven one-handed for fifteen miles whilst talking on her mobile. I thought there were rules against doing that sort of thing?
And so to work where I did my bit; and then came home again. It's quite amazing how many other people are about early and late on a Sunday. So much for the "day of rest". I watched Downton Abbey over tea. Good stuff!!

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