4 October 2012 (Thursday) - Heigh Ho Pip and Dandy

It's certainly getting darker in the mornings now. Not only is it dark when I get up, it's now also dark when I leave home for work. And cold too. The years have always been like this; but for some reason I seem to be noticing it more just lately. I can always remember parents and grandparents in the past commenting on nights drawing in as winter approaches. Perhaps it's an age thing. Perhaps I'm getting old?
To work where I had a good day, then home again. A bottle of plonk over a curry to celebrate twenty six years since we walked up the aisle, then we watched the first episode of the new series or "Red Dwarf". I must admit that my hopes weren't high, but I was pleasantly surprised. However the flight deck of Starbug looks just a little too high-tech for my liking. But there's no denying that I'm looking forward to next week's episode.
We then started catching up with some of the backlog of the episodes of Doctor Who we have on the Sky Plus box. They weren't too bad either...

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