1 October 2012 (Monday) - Fudge's Follies

For once I had a good night's sleep. At one point in the night I heard a thundering coming up the stairs, and what felt like a ton weight landing on me. Fudge had worked out that if he throws all of his weight at the baby gate at the kitchen door he can force the gate open. I let him sleep on the bed for no other reason than that I wasn't going to get up to put him back where he belonged.

After a swift bit of brekkie "My Boy TM" came visiting. He adjusted the baby gate at the kitchen door. That seems to have fixed the pestilential pup's antics. He also sorted out the pile of fleeces, jackets and coats that were cluttering up the house. He was going to throw a lot of them away for no other reason than that he didn't want them any more. But there was a lot of wear left in most of them, and now that I'm a mere shadow of my former self they fit me quite nicely. So I now have several new fleeces, jackets and coats.
He spent a bit of time grumbling about having toothache. I told him to see the dentist, but he never listens to his old dad. He then set off on his way; giving me a lift to the town. I had money to pay in to the astro club's account. Quite a lot of the stuff. Again in retrospect I've missed a golden opportunity to embezzle. Whilst in the town I popped into the traditional jeweller. Since I lost a third of my body weight my wedding ring has become a tad loose. Several sizes loose. So the jeweller is going to make the ring somewhat smaller. I collect it on Friday.

Home again, to find the dog-proofing on the kitchen door had worked, much to Fudge's chagrin. I made myself a quick sandwich, then I geared up with waterproof coat and trousers to take Fudge for a quick walk round the block. The rain was torrential, but Fudge wanted a walk, and I get bored if I stay in the house. Whilst we were out I laid a series of four geocaches to celebrate my up-coming four hundredth cache find (I'm currently on 399 finds). The "Fudge's Folly" series is a group of easy-to-find caches across South Ashford which went live this evening; and have all had their first finds already...

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