12 October 2012 (Friday) - On the Radio

There was an embarrassing five minutes this morning as I walked the streets desperately trying to remember where I'd parked my car. Eventually I found it more through luck than judgement. I then drove to work with a lorry from Sims Milling Ltd seemingly five yards behind me all the way. Had I stopped sharply at any point this lorry would have crashed into me.
It always strikes me as daft that people with their firm emblazoned all over their vehicles would drive in a patently unsafe way.

The news was interesting today. Someone has been trampled to death by cows. Apparently. This seemed odd to me. Cows of my experience hae always been inquisitive, yet rather timid beasts. I have no qualms about walking through a field of the beasts. If they are now killers, this could be either a worrying development, or evolution in action. Perhaps they have finally realised the advantages of being at the top of the food chain.
Also gas prices are to go up. British Gas are talking about a six percent price hike. It's just as well I don't get gas from them. If my bunch follow suit I shall have to start shopping around for a bargain. Fortunately I got an email from NHS discounts about cheap gas today. Maybe they might have a bargain for me. Mind you the gas still comes through the same pipe so I can't see how the price can possibly vary from one company to another. Perhaps I'm being thick again.
And then as the morning's news finished it was time for "Desert Island Discs".One of the traditional institutions of British life even if the average Britisher has never listened to it. The concept is that various people get to choose the eight records they would take with them onto a desert island were they to have notice of their being stranded on a desert island beyond the hope of rescue for an indeterminate period. The show has been running for years; in between the music choices the various potential castaways are interviewed. The show can be quite interesting at times.
What I can't work out is why so many people on this program choose operatic records. This morning's choices weren't musical at all; they could only be described as a cross between caterwauling and shrieking. Presumably people on this show don't want to be thought of as the kind of person who listens to the music that appeals to the masses. I've always felt that opera is only listened to for the inherent snob value it imparts. Perhaps I'm just overly conscious of my lower-order nature?
The rest of the day was rather dull...

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